Featured Member

Paula Smith – Board of Directors

I greatly value being an active member of IAMSE, and have enjoyed many an inspiring discussion with colleagues from across the globe at conferences and committee meetings. The IAMSE community permits genuine networking opportunities, and a real sense of kindred spirits amongst its membership. The annual conference provides opportunities to learn directly from others about… Read more »

Katie Huggett – Board of Directors

I have been a member of IAMSE since 2004. I value IAMSE for the resources and collaborations that enrich my professional work. IAMSE has been an important source for my professional development.  Also, as a facilitator for the IAMSE Medical Educator Fellowship program, I am privileged to meet and learn from the faculty who have… Read more »

Mark Hernandez – Board of Directors

Membership and participation in the IAMSE society for me has been a valuable tool to help advance my professional career as a medical educator in a number of ways.  Through involvement with this organization I have been able to network with other successful educators.  The weekly webcasts provide valuable information that directly influences my job… Read more »

#IAMSE16 Basics of TBL in a Day

IAMSE is pleased to present our pre-conference workshop on the “Basics of Team-Based Learning in a Day”, led by certified consultant-trainers from the Team-Based Learning Collaborative (TBLC). We hope you’ll join us to learn about TBL and how to make it work for you! The session starts with TBL 101 – This is the single best introduction… Read more »

#IAMSE16 – Active Learning: It Takes A Team to Make it Happen

During the upcoming IAMSE meeting in Leiden, there will be a number of terrific pre-conference sessions for your consideration.  We are very excited to offer this workshop on the topic of Active Learning in the classroom. There is an overlap between small group and large group teaching strategies. Small groups, by their nature, tend to… Read more »

#IAMSE16 – ESME Program with Ron Harden and Aviad Haramati

  IAMSE is pleased to offer the very successful, AMEE-sponsored course: Essential Skills in Medical Education (ESME), led by two distinguished educators: Prof. Ronald Harden, University of Dundee and Prof. Aviad Haramati, Georgetown University. The ESME course requires a separate registration and is held on a full day prior to the IAMSE conference, continues with special discussion sessions during… Read more »

#IAMSE16 – Site Host Peter de Jong

I am very excited about IAMSE selecting Leiden to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the IAMSE Annual Meeting. The city of Leiden hosts the country’s oldest university (founded in 1575) and almost from the very beginning a Medical School has been in place. So it should not surprise you that Leiden has a very long… Read more »

#IAMSE16 – Luke Mortensen

This year’s annual meeting has a focus on learning assessment. We will be led in our discussions and deliberations throughout the event with internationally-renowned plenary speakers such as Drs. Cees van der Vleuten, Olle ten Cate, Geoff Norman, and other innovation leaders. The language of assessment takes on a world of terminology and best-practice trendings… Read more »

Peter de Jong – Editor-in-Chief

Peter de Jong

IAMSE offers me the opportunity to reach out to colleagues from around the world and work with them to create new collaborations and friendships. Such international connections move the teaching of the health sciences forward. IAMSE is an organization where any member is offered the opportunity to step up and make a difference, as a… Read more »

Carol Nichols – Board of Directors

Carol Nichols

I have been a member of IAMSE for over ten years and have participated in most of the meetings since that time. IAMSE is one of the few professional organizations that crosses many disciplines and health science professions. During my time as an IAMSE member, I have had the opportunity to network with colleagues around… Read more »