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A webcast audio seminar is a 1-hour live webinar presented as a method of exchanging vital information on timely topics in medical education. The slant of each is geared toward our members who have responsibility for teaching the basic sciences to those in medical training.

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IAMSE Student members have free access to IAMSE Webinars. If you are a student, please contact support@iamse.org for details about registering at no cost.

Do you live outside of the North American time zones and cannot conveniently join the IAMSE Web Seminars on Thursdays at Noon Eastern Time?

IAMSE would like to offer you the opportunity to receive the archived version (slides and audio) within a week of the actual seminar at a discounted rate! The discounted rate is based on your current country’s GDP. A complete listing of countries may be found at: http://data.worldbank.org/country

Discount rates are:
Category 3 (20% discount)
Category 2 (30% discount)
Category 1 (60% discount)

If you would like to take advantage of the Early Release Option for the Web Seminars, please contact the IAMSE administrative office (support@iamse.org) for more information.

Individual Registration
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Full Series $120 $240

Institutional Registration
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Per Session $120 $250
Full Series $500 $750

Winter 2024

One World, One Health: Tackling the Global Health Crisis 

COVID-19, cardiovascular disease, mental health, climate change, poverty, conflict, health care infrastructure and an aging population are just some of the public health concerns that affect individuals across the globe. Amidst these global health concerns, there is a pressing need for our learners to not only be competent in caring for patients within their local communities but to also be poised for patient care in differing cultures and geographies. How do we train our learners for this immense task? The Winter 2024 IAMSE Webcast Audio Seminar series will explore the intersection of medical and health professions education with global health. Themes will include the difficulties of life and medical practice in other parts of the world, to the unique challenges faced by migrant physicians, and medical education and scholarship in low-resource countries. The webinar series will help us recognize and appreciate our own biases as well as different perspectives on values and shared global challenges. Global health is the collaborative trans-national research and practice for improving health and achieving equity in health for all. This webinar series will equip the health professions educators to train globally-minded learners who will provide care for the medically underserved from pole to pole.

Registration for the Winter 2024 WAS is NOW OPEN!

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