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A webcast audio seminar is a 1-hour live webinar presented as a method of exchanging vital information on timely topics in medical education. The slant of each is geared toward our members who have responsibility for teaching the basic sciences to those in medical training.

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Upcoming Series: Spring 2021

Strategies for Promoting Inclusivity in Health Sciences Education

The IAMSE 2021 Spring webinar series will explore strategies for inclusive teaching. Recognizing that unconscious bias is a crucial and contributory step in this endeavor, this series will begin by exploring how to recognize unconscious bias and create diverse, inclusive and equitable content for both the basic science curriculum and the clinical learning environment. Dr. Brown will describe how to systematically analyze the basic science content for unconscious bias and will offer hands-on examples addressing them. Similarly, Drs. Hauer and Teherani will explore the clinical curriculum. They will review bias in performance recognition as well as awards selection and provide strategies to promote equity. Dr. Baker and her team will utilize a case-based approach to discuss approaches for managing difficult situations in interactive teaching sessions, such as small group learning. Ms. Fleming, Dr. McGee and Dr. Poll will describe Physician Assistant, PhD, and MD pipeline programs for increasing diversity in the health sciences. The presenters will examine program outcomes and impediments to success. The series will conclude with Drs. Caruthers and Hicks sharing their experience in both Physician Assistant and MD programs supporting wellness and well-being amongst students underrepresented in the health professions and students from diverse backgrounds, including challenges posed by COVID-19 related increases in on-line learning, evaluation, advising, and mentoring. By the end of the series the audience will have acquired skills to create inclusive and equitable content and learning environments.

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