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Mentoring students, postdocs, and faculty and guiding their work is crucial for their success in diverse career paths that encompass leadership, clinical and educational roles. The IAMSE Mentoring Certificate program is a productive way to prepare for a role as mentors and support mentees in their career paths and academic pursuits. Mentorship is a skill for both the mentor and mentee, a true dynamic relationship that is a journey in pursuit of career engagement and success.

The IM-REACH mentoring certificate program provides an opportunity to enhance skills, gain experience, and engage in reflection and growth as a mentor and ultimately influence your relationship with your mentee. The goal of this program is to develop well-rounded, diverse health professional education mentors through targeted professional development in key aspects of mentorship, which includes both knowledge and skills. The program will provide evidence of that mentorship leads to specialized achievement that enhances and supports career advancement for both mentors and mentees.

  • Participants will complete a one-year certificate program with a scholarly project related to their professional needs as a mentor or as an educational leader supporting mentorship programs with mentors and mentees.
  • Participants will complete a validated mentoring assessment pre- and post-program in order to demonstrate growth, comfort, and knowledge gained.
  • Participants will keep a reflective journal detailing the experiences of a current mentor/mentee relationship in order to guide their learning and growth as a mentor/mentee. This will be debriefed with a program leader in individual sessions.
  • The year-long certificate focuses on the dual role of mentors and mentees in establishing a mentor/mentee relationship; this journey will explore how the mentees roles evolve based on the developmental stage and goals of the mentee in one or more areas of their career.

Program Structure:
Two-hour course, introductory foundation and skills session at IAMSE Annual Conference in June 2024.

The program will include every other month, virtual group workshops based on content form the IAMSE mentoring manual (virtual). The alternating months will be a one-on-one, virtual meet-up with a program leader/facilitator to address individual needs as a mentor and mentorship on the program project. It will conclude one year later with a three-hour workshop at the 2025 IAMSE (virtual or face-to-face) meeting to wrap up the program. Here, fellows will present their final project to the group with the goal of eventually presenting as a poster at the IAMSE Conference the following year.

Program Cost:
The full, year-long program will cost $500 for current IAMSE members or $700 for non-members.

For additional information, contact the IAMSE team at support@iamse.org.