IAMSE Ambassador Program

In an effort to expand health and medical education initiatives around the globe, IAMSE has created an Ambassador program. Each Ambassador acts as a representative to spearhead the formation of a committee (IAMSE embassy) in their country in order to promote collaborative scholarly activities, service and training. This is a standing subcommittee of the Membership Committee.

To promote the vision and value of IAMSE in countries that are currently underrepresented in IAMSE’s membership.

Goals of the program:

  • Increase the number of members around the globe within IAMSE.
  • Facilitate engagement of international members in IAMSE activities and initiatives.
  • Promote international collaborative efforts leading to scholarly products.
  • Promote faculty development in medical education through involvement in IAMSE

Meet the ambassadors of Mexico, Australia, Pakistan, China, Estonia, and the Caribbean!

From left to right: (top) Francisco Raúl Barroso Villafuerte (Mexico), Diann Eley (Australia), Yawar Khan (Pakistan), (bottom) Jia Zhimin (China), Joseph Grannum (Estonia), Sateesh Arja (Caribbean)

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