Featured Member: Ingrid Bahner

IAMSE has had a profound impact on my growth and success as a medical educator and I value being a member of this wonderful group of people who are so passionate about health science education and so committed to advancing best practices. Towards this goal, the annual meetings are wonderful opportunities to exchange ideas and expertise, to network and to have lively discussion. In particular appreciate the interprofessional exchange across the health sciences that IAMSE cultivates so ardently. I always leave the meetings truly inspired. Fortunately, the annual meetings are not the only opportunity to interact and learn from my colleagues across the world. IAMSE continues the conversation and education of its membership by providing several webinar series on the ongoing evolution and revolution in medical education. Each series addresses a current and pressing topics in health science education. These webinars feature outstanding speakers and I have benefited immensely from this opportunity to engage with my colleagues year-round, beyond the annual meeting. So much so that I actually joined the committee that organizes these webinars. I enjoy working with my committee colleagues to develop highly relevant topics and recruit outstanding speakers for our audience. In addition, I am currently serving on the student professionalism development committee to increase the participation of students in IAMSE and to foster their growth as scholars. Thus, I am enthusiastic about the future of IAMSE and I hope many more will join us on what promises to be a continued fabulous journey.