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WAS Fall 2018

Did you know that we archive each season of the Webcast Audio Seminar series? Reaching all the way back to Winter 2011, you can search the topics, speakers and presentations in our webcast series greatest hits collection. 

The Webcast Audio Seminar archives are located on our website under the Events tab as Web SeminarsHere, you will be able to search the archival or browse by year and series.

If you have any issues accessing the archives, please just let us know at

The Fall WAS series is BACK beginning Thursday, September 6. Join us at 12PM Eastern for a deeper look at:

• The Current State of Technology in Medical Education
• The Role and Value of Instructional Designers
• Using Social Media as an Educational Tool
• New Opportunities Afforded by Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
• Realizing the Promise of Big Data: Learning Analytics in Competency-Based Medical Education

And the best part is Student Members are FREE!

For more information on the series, student discount code or to register for individual sessions, contact