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4/16/2024 Effect of Curricular Refresh and Renewal on Students with Jonathan Wisco and Anna Blenda
4/9/2024 Effect of Curricular Reform on Faculty with Kathryn Huggett and Gary Smith
3/26/2024 IAMSE 2024 Conference Promo with Rakhi Negi and Kim Dahlman
3/5/2024 It isn’t “self-directed” anymore if you have to direct it, or is it? with Jonathan Wisco
2/20/2024 Impact of Research on Undergraduate Medical Education with Tameka Clemons
2/6/2024 Do I need a mentor or a coach? Exploring faculty development resources to support professional growth with Kathryn Huggett
1/30/2024 Annual Goal Setting and Accountability Check-In Session with Rakhi Negi and Chasity O’Malley
1/16/2024 Winter Solstice Book Club with Chasity O’Malley
12/19/2023 End of Year Celebration with all Cafe hosts
12/5/2023 Clerkship Readiness After Step 1 P/F with John Folk
11/21/2023 Lessons Learned During the IAMSE Virtual Forum with Ian Murray
11/7/2023 A Futurist’s Perspective on Medical Education with Denise Kay
10/17/2023 Early Career Award with Rakhi Negi                                                                                      10/03/2023 Professionalism with Chasity O’Malley                                                                                          9/19/23 Accreditation Standards Around DEI with Rakhi Negi
9/5/23 Foundational Sciences vs. Basic Science Factoids with Wendy Lackey Cornelison and Neil Osheroff
8/15/23 How to Distinguish Students After Step 1 P/F with Dr. Dave Harris (chat description)
8/1/23 Tips for Getting Students to Buy in to Active Learning with Tameka Clemons
6/20/23 I23 Recap with Wendy Lackey Cornelison and Amber Heck
5/16/23  Overcommitement with Chasity O’Malley                                                                                          5/2/23  KNN with Dr. Dave Harris, Sarah Williams, Joelle Worm                                                                  4/18/23 Imposter Syndrome with Wendy Lackey Cornelison                                                                             3/21/23 IAMSE 2023 Annual Conference Preview with Amber Heck                                                                3/7/23 Curriculum Refresh with Jon Wisco  
2/21/23 What Does Research Mean to Undergraduate Medical Education? with Rakhi Negi
2/7/23 What are You Reading This Winter? with Katie Huggett
1/17/2023 Foundational Competencies with Lisa Howley and Eric Holmboe
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12/20/2022 End-of-Year Celebrations with Jon Wisco
11/15/2022 Best Practices for Preparing a Successful Grant Proposal for the IAMSE Educational Scholarship and Curriculum Innovation Grants with Amanda Chase, Amber Heck, and Algevis Wrench
11/1/2022 Should I Stay or Should I Go? When Your Next Career Move is Somewhere Else with Katie Huggett
10/18/2022 The Aquifer Sciences Curriculum Database: A Collaborative Development between the IAMSE community and Aquifer with David Harris and Dr. Tracy Fulton
10/4/2022 Sharable Open Education Resources (OER) With ScholarRx with David Harris
9/20/2022 Mitigating Implicit Bias in Medical School Curricula with Jacqueline Powell and Jayne Reuben
9/6/2022 Early Career Award Winner with Jaya Yoda
8/16/22 Toolkits for Medical Science Educators: A Resource for Professional Development and an Opportunity for Scholarship with Nicole Deming, Amber Heck and Jon Wisco
8/2/22 Moving Up in MedEd with Christina DeLucia and Diana Lautenberger
7/19/22 Summer Reading with Chasity O’Malley – Chat Log
6/21/22 IAMSE 2022 Meeting Recap with Kelly Quesnelle
5/3/22 Mentoring in Health Professions Education with Alice Fornari and Darshana Shah
4/19/22 How to Make the Most of Conference Attendance with Heather Christensen
4/5/22 #IAMSE22 Annual Meeting Preview with Maria Sheakley
3/15/22 Third Party Resources with Kelly Quesnelle
3/1/22 Assessment Styles with Jon Wisco
2/15/22 What is the Optimal Timing of Course Evals? with Jon Wisco
2/1/22 Maintaining Professionalism Through Fatigue with Wendy Lackey
1/18/22 Practical Tips for Connecting With Students with Jon Wisco
1/4/22 The Changing Landscape of MedEd with Adi Haramati, Giulia Bonaminio, Frazier Stevenson, Amy Wilson-Delfosse, and Neil Osheroff
12/7/21 IAMSE New Member Meet and Greet with Kelly Quesnelle
11/16/21 Technology in Health Sciences Education During COVID-19: Gains, Losses, and Transformations with Poh Sun Goh and Sol Roberts-Lieb
11/2/21 IAMSE Fellowship and ESME at IAMSE with Adi Haramti, Amber Heck and Amanda Chase
10/19/21 IAMSE Ambassador Program: Global perspectives on medical and science education with Claudio Cortes and Joseph Grannum
10/5/21 Teaching and Incorporating the Health Humanities with Alice Fornari2/2/21 To teach, or not to teach (to the test), that is the question with Jon Wisco
9/21/21 Open Forum to Discuss Basic Science in the Clinical Years with Kelly Quesnelle
9/7/21 Meaningful, Sustainable Transdisciplinary Collaboration: What would it look like? with Atsusi Hirumi
8/17/21 Opportunities for Health Sciences Education in One Health with Margaret McNulty and Rebecca Lufler
8/3/21 Evaluations of Our Teaching with Wendy Lackey
7/20/21 Incorporating Telehealth Into Basic Science Education with Jon Wisco
7/6/21 Virtual Simulations with Jon Wisco
6/1/21 The State of Medical Educators in Developing Nations with Sylvia Olivares and Smart Mbagwu
5/18/21 Building bridges between health science educators from diverse programs with Jennifer Lamberts, Jayne Reuben, and Jonathan Wisco
5/4/21 Outreach Programs with Kelly Quesnelle
4/20/21 The New Horizon of (Medical) Education with Cafe Hosts
4/6/21 IAMSE 2021 Annual Conference Preview with Mark Hernandez
3/16/21 Career impacts of the COVID Year with Lisa Coplitt
3/2/21 Conducting and Disseminating Medical Education Scholarship
2/16/21 The paradigm shift implications on courses and curricula as a result of moving to pass/fail USMLE Step 1 with Doug Gould
1/19/21 The Basic Sciences and the Medical Humanities: An Integrative Approach with Hedy Wald. Suggested reading and faculty development opportunities discussed during the call.
1/5/21 Best Practices for Mentoring with an Eye and Ear Toward Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice with Heather Christensen
12/15/20 Unconventional Teaching Methods with Jon Wisco
12/1/20 Resiliency with the IAMSE Cafe hosts
11/17/20 Learning During and From a Crisis: The Student-Led Development of an online COVID-19 Curriculum with Abby Schiff and Katie Shaffer
Links from the conversation during this session can be found below.
11/3/20 Teaching Race and Medicine: Unlearning what we think we know with Staci Leisman
Links from the conversation during this session can be found here.
10/20/20 The future of education programs for residents and medical students with Lourdes Lopez
10/6/20 Technology and Education with Edgar Herrera Bastida
9/15/20 Team-Based Learning in the Virtual Environment with Drs. Raihan Jumat, Irene Lee and Peiyan Wong
9/1/20 Networking 102 – Networking Outside the Box with Kelly Quesnelle
8/27/20 Mentoring to Make a Difference with Katie Huggett – Literature references can be found here.
8/13/20 IAMSE Ambassadors – Pakistan, Australia, and Finland with Di Eley and Yawar Hyatt Khan
7/23/20 The Disappearing Pathology Instructor with Amy Lin and Regina Kreisle
7/9/20 Partnering with medical students to discover educational solutions for on-line learning with Emily Bird
6/25/20 The Future of Medical Education Conferences: What SHOULD it look like? with Bonny Dickinson
6/11/20 Communities of Practice in a Virtual World with James Pickering
5/28/2020 IAMSE Ambassadors – Mexico, China, Caribbean with Raul Barroso, Sateesh Arja and Zhimin Jia
5/21/2020 Faculty Development in the COVID-19 Era with Alice Fornari
5/14/2020 Evolving Anatomical Education during the COVID pandemic: What will this mean for the future of anatomy teaching? with Jon Wisco, Richard Gonzalez and Lane Fortney
5/7/2020 COVID-19 and the New Medical School with Amber Heck and Michael Lee
4/30/2020 MedEd Equity During COVID-19 with Heather Christensen
4/23/2020 IAMSECafe Welcomes Medical Science Educator EIC with Peter de Jong
4/16/2020 Q&A with the IAMSE President with Neil Osheroff
4/14/2020 MedEd Mailbag: Free Resources During COVID-19 with Kelly Quesnelle. Resources discussed and shared during this session can be found below.
4/9/2020 How Re-thinking and Re-designing Anatomy Instruction Into the Online Space Can Lead to Better Classroom and Cadaver Lab Learning Experiences with Jon Wisco
4/7/2020 MedEd Mailbag: Being Productive in Your Own Space with Kelly Quesnelle
4/2/2020 Leading by Example: Practicing Self-care in a Time of Crisis with Adi Haramati
3/31/2020 MedEd Mailbag: The Virtual Teacher with Kelly Quesnelle


Resources for Educators During COVID-19

Harvard Medical School Medical Student COVID-19 Curriculum
One of the greatest difficulties facing everyone nowadays is a lack of clarity about what is going on and what lies ahead. We students especially feel a need to deepen our knowledge of the situation, as we are often viewed as resources by our friends and family. However, it soon became clear how challenging it was to process the wealth of information coming our way. A team of us at Harvard Medical School set out to quickly collate and synthesize accurate information about the pandemic to share with those who do not have the time or resources to research it themselves.
Additional resources include Curriculum for Kids, an article written by the team discussing the curriculum, and an opportunity to give direct feedback to the developers.

AAMC COVID-19 Resource Hub
The AAMC continues to monitor guidance from federal, state, and local health agencies as it relates to the coronavirus (COVID-19). Find information and updates from AAMC on this emerging global health concern.

Acland Anatomy
Acland’s Video Atlas of Human Anatomy contains nearly 330 videos of real human anatomic specimens in their natural colors.

MedEd Portal Virtual Resources
This collection features peer-reviewed teaching resources that can be used for distance learning, including self-directed modules and learning activities that could be converted to virtual interactions. As always, the resources are free to download and free for adaptation to local settings. The collection will be reviewed and updated regularly.

BlueLink Anatomy
From the University of Michigan Medical School

Aquifer is offering free access to 146 Aquifer signature cases, WISE-MD (Surgery), and WISE-OnCall (Readiness for Practice) through June 30, 2020, to all current Aquifer institutional subscribers in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Kaplan iHuman
With i-Human Patients, students experience safe, repeatable, fully-graded clinical patient encounters on their devices anywhere, anytime.

Online MedEd
The unprecedented COVID‐19 crisis has upended the medical and medical education landscape. Our aim during this difficult and confusing time is to support you with what we do best—concise, high–yield videos to help you get up to speed efficiently and effectively—so you can feel confident with however you’re being called on to adjust.

ScholarRX Bricks
In response to a request for assistance from a partner medical school impacted by COVID-19, ScholarRx has agreed to make its Rx Bricks program available at no cost to M2 students for the remainder of the 2019-20 academic year. This comprehensive, online resource can assist schools in implementing contingency plans necessitated by the COVID-19 outbreak.

You can raise the line by training healthcare workers who don’t have experience treating COVID-19. Encourage healthcare workers you know to complete this free CME course on COVID-19 so they’re prepared to fight the virus.

Top-quality anatomy videos, all for free.

Harvard Macy
Crowdsourced List of Online Teaching Resources Collated by the Harvard Macy Institute (@HarvardMacy)

Anatomy Connected

Chronicle of Higher Education

Dartmouth SOM Interactive Rad/Anatomy

We understand some of the unique challenges you are facing due to the COVID-19 pandemic and, as a company, are putting together resources to help you keep up with your courses as well as stay up to date with the latest research and evidence-based practices for addressing this new coronavirus.

LWW Health Library

Bates’ Visual Guide

5 Minute Consult
Primary health care is important to everyone, and now more than ever it’s important that you have access to evidence-based diagnostic and treatment content. To help you with caring for all of your patients, we are offering 30-day free access to 5MinuteConsult.com. Use code 5MC30DayAccess73173 to sign up.