Registration Now Open for the 2016 Winter Audio Seminar Series

Registration is now open for Winter 2016 Audio Seminar Series! Sessions start on Thursday, January 7, 2016.

Research in Health Sciences Education
As health scientists and clinicians, we approach bench and bedside research in logical steps: define questions, plan approaches, fund projects, gather and analyze data, and publish results. As health science educators, our responsibility to our students is to be as efficient and effective as we can be in our educational approaches. We need to follow these same logical steps of scholarly activity to determine the best practices for our teaching and to promulgate results to our colleagues. But few of us are formally trained in education research. How do we translate our skills into this new arena?

This series of six sessions brings together some of the world’s experts in health sciences education research. Dr. Geoff Norman will provide an overview of current and future directions, and Dr. Grace Brannan will get us started with defining research questions and developing approaches. Dr. David Yens will pick up on this foundation with more specifics on how to conduct health science education research. Dr. Jane Dumsha will discuss the important topic of finding funds for your research, and Dr. Peter de Jong will talk about publishing your results. Our final session will provide the unique opportunity of a panel discussion with Editors of five top journals in health sciences education. Their tips for success will provide invaluable help in getting your research published and read by your target audience.

January 7 – Overview of the Status and Future Direction – Presented by Geoff Norman

January 14 – How to Get Started – Presented by Grace Brannan

January 21 – How to do Educational Research – Presented by David Yens

January 28 – How to Find Funding – Presented by Jane Dumsha

February 4 – How to Publish Your Results – Presented by Peter de Jong

February 11 – Panel Discussion: Current publication tips for success with the Editor-in-Chiefs of Medical Science Educator, Medical Teacher, Teaching and Learning in Medicine, Advances in Health Sciences Education, and Medical Education Online – Presented by Peter de Jong, Ronald Harden, Anna Cianciolo, Geoff Norman, and Scott Cottrell

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