IAMSE Winter 2018 WAS Session 2 Highlights

In case you missed yesterday’s Webcast Audio Seminar (WAS) Session, here are the highlights of this session:

Generating Trust in Entrustment: an update from the AAMC Core EPA Pilot Group
Presenter: Kimberly D. Lomis MD
January 11, 12 PM EST

Goals of Webinar

  • Review the background of the AAMC Core EPAs for Entering Residency initiative
  • Summarize recent activities of the national pilot group
  • Review guiding principles for implementation
  • Introduce the EPA toolkits
  • Discuss areas of ongoing development & study
  • Can see the Core EPA Pilot Project at AAMC website

Core EPA Pilot Project Motivated by patient safety

Desired Outcomes

  • Competencies, which are trainable attributes of an individual
  • Milestones, which are the developmental trajectory of the individual
  • EPAs describes units of work
  • Entrustments for a task requires the synthetic application of multiple competencies at a specified level of performance (milestone)

13 EPAs that can be found at the AAMC website

  • History and examination
  • Differential diagnosis
  • Common tests
  • Enter orders
  • Document encounter
  • Oral presentation
  • Clinical questions
  • Patient handover
  • Interprofessional team
  • Emergent care
  • Obtain consent
  • Perform procedures
  • Safety and improvement

Targeting summative entrustments decisions for that class at graduation in 2019.

10 Medical Schools participated in the Pilot

Four Key Concepts in Implementation of EPAs

  • Entrustment

Dimensions of Trustworthiness

  • Knowledge and Skill
  • Discernment
  • Conscientiousness
  • Truthfulness
  • Assessment
    • Need to be able to assess the Resident in the “ clinical work place”
    • Digital Portfolios are necessary to assess
  • Curriculum
    • Organized and systems-based approach
  • Faculty Development needs include:
    • Various faculty roles will require differing levels of training regarding the EPA framework

Nine Guiding Principles are available on the AAMC Initiative Website

  • EPA Toolkits and “One-Pagers” are available at the website as well.
  • Toolkit Structure includes
  • FAQs
  • “One-Pager” Schematic for the specific EPA
  • Resources from AAMC’s DREAM repository
  • Bulleted list of Behaviors and Vignettes
  • Complete Physician Competency Reference Set (PCRS)


  • Faculty and Learners’ Guide
    Curriculum Developers’ Guide
    AAMC Core EPA Guides
  • AAMC Pilot Group recommendations: Guiding Principles

To subscribe to the AAMC Core EPA list serve, send a blank email to subscribe-coreepas@lists.aamc.org

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