IAMSE Web Audio Seminar Series “The Breadth and Depth of Standardized Patients in the Teaching and Assessment of Clinical Skills”


The Breadth and Depth of Standardized Patients in the Teaching and Assessment of Clinical Skills
Presenters: Carrie Bohnert, Heidi Lane, and Gayle Gliva-McConvey
September 29, 12 PM ET

Over the past five decades Standardized Patient methodology has evolved from its roots in teaching and assessing proficiency in communicating with patients., Standardized Patients (SPS) now perform a variety of roles in medical and non-medical education from undergraduate learning to licensure examinations to continuing education. ¬†In this presentation, we will use a non-traditional definition of Standardized Patients (SPs): ¬†‚Äúindividuals who are trained to perform in a role in a standardized and repeatable way where presentation varies based only on learner performance. ¬†SPs are used for teaching and assessment of learners in a broad range of skills in simulated environments. ¬†SPs are trained to facilitate learning, provide feedback and evaluate learner performance.‚ÄĚ

Three institutions (Eastern Virginia Medical School, Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine and the University of Louisville) are represented in this presentation. Discussions will encompass the traditional and evidence-based ways SPs are integrated into medical curriculums for teaching and assessing clinical skills, and widening the lens to include teaching and assessment of skills that are historically taught by clinicians, as a solution for clinical teaching when clinician time is challenging. We will also present innovative uses of the SP methodology to challenge our audience’s imagination.

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