IAMSE Spring 2019 Webinar Series: “Moving USMLE Step 1 After Core Clerkships: Rationale, Challenges

The 2019 IAMSE Spring Webcast Audio Seminar Series begins soon!Ā This season will focus on the role of basic science in current medical education. How can basic science instruction continue to fulfill its mission of providing a scientific approach to the practice of medicine? The IAMSE spring series is addressing this question by presenting several new approaches to improve foundational science instruction beyond integration with the clinical sciences. This March, we’ve lined up eight speakers to shine a light on the topic across multiple landscapes in medical education. Our fifth and final session’s speaker is Dr. Michelle Daniel.

Stepping Beyond the ā€œMoving USMLE Step 1 After Core Clerkships: Rationale, Challenges and Early Outcomesā€
Presenters:Ā Michelle Daniel, MD, MHPE, FACEP – University of Michigan Medical School
Session: April 4, 2019 at 12pm Eastern Time

Schools undergoing curricular reform are re-evaluating the optimal timing of Step 1. Historically, students have completed the exam immediately following the basic science curriculum. A small but growing number of schools have moved Step 1 after the core clinical clerkships, citing a number of reasons for the change, including promoting long-term retention and understanding of basic science concepts. As schools undergo curricular transformation, educators are looking to peer institutions to share their experience and lessons learned. They are also seeking data to guide decisions. In this webinar, Dr. Daniel will review the reasons to consider a change, the potential hurdles one might encounter, and the findings of recent studies. This will serve as a springboard for dialogue surrounding the optimal timing of Step 1.