IAMSE Fall 2017 WAS Session 1 Highlights

In case you missed yesterday’s Webcast Audio Seminar (WAS) Session, here are the highlights of this session:

The Rising Tide of Competency-Based Medical Education: A Global View
Presenter: Jason Frank
September 7, 12 PM EST


  • Health Professions Education (HPE)
    • Several Challenges of HPE
    • Time spent does not equal ability achieved
    • Trainees are not fully trained when arriving at clinical sites
    • Assessment issues
  • Competency Based Medical Education (CMBE)
  • Principles based on
    • Focuses on outcomes; graduate ability – not knowledge
    • Ensures progression of competence
    • Time is a resource not a framework
    • Promotes learner centeredness
    • Greater transparency to utility
  • Spectrum of skills acquisition
    • Novice > Advance Beginner > Competence > Proficiency > Expertise
  • CBME definition of Competency is an observable ability of a health professional
  • Van Melle’s Core Components of CBME (Five elements of a CBME Curriculum)
    • Outcomes competency framework
    • Sequence progression of competency
    • Tailored learning experiences
    • Tailored bedside coaching and observation
    • Programmatic assessment
  • Bottom line: Is your program a competency based?
  • CBME is about a better way to train health professionals.

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