Calvin Chou to Present “‘This Learner Is Terrible’: Remediation In Medical Education”

Medical educators are often called upon to help identify, support, and remediate struggling students. The root causes of student performance deficits are multifaceted and may be due to academic and non-academic factors. Deficiencies are rarely correctable through a simple solution. The Fall 2022 IAMSE Webinar Series will address strategies for identifying and supporting at-risk students and recognizing and breaking down barriers that may limit student success. The first session in the series will feature Calvin Chou from the University of California San Francisco (USA).

Calvin Chou, MD, PhD

“This Learner Is Terrible”:
Remediation In Medical Education

Presenter: Calvin Chou, MD, PhD
Session Date & Time: September 1, 2022 at 12pm Eastern
Session Description: As health professions educators, we feel responsibility to provide support to learners who struggle, and at the same time, we have responsibility to society to graduate learners who are fully competent for the profession. After defining remediation and the trajectories of learners who struggle, we will move through a framework to identify, intervene with, and assess our learners, and evaluate our programs of remediation, to help learners and ensure their success.

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