Online Exams: Opportunities and Challenges

Presented by Edward Klatt on April 10, 2012 at 12:00 pm

The delivery of examinations for students online is now possible 24/7 worldwide. Not only formative examinations for practice with self-assessment but also summative high-stakes examinations for a grade can be provided online. This presentation will address multiple aspects of online exam development and usage. What educational resources can be made available for student self-assessment in a non-secure mode, and do they improve student outcomes? What are the institutional issues regarding development, deployment, and usage of online practice exams? For high-stakes examinations taken in a secure mode, what methods of delivery are available? How are the examination item banks developed? What kinds of questions can be placed onto these exams? What are the challenges for timely and reliable delivery of secure online exams? What are the hardware requirements? How are scores, statistical analyses, and results produced?

What are the institutional personnel requirements? Problems encountered in delivery of these exams will be presented. Institutional and student advantages for adoption of online exams will be discussed.