Integration of E-lessons into Face to Face Activities

Presented by Mary E.W. Dankbaar on March 29, 2011 at 12:00 pm

E-lessons or e-modules have been used in medical education for some years now, but the implementation in the medical curriculum is still an important issue. Well designed e-lessons sometimes are hardly used. Teachers often spend a lot of time explaining basic science in stead of having profound interaction with their students or giving feedback on their skills. How can e-lessons be used to enhance learning during the valuable F2F sessions? Which are the most important design principles to improve online learning (and prevent e-lessons to become ‘page-turners’)? Models of blended learning will be discussed, both for smaller and larger groups in basic science education. The presentation will review examples from the medical curriculum and discuss strategies to implement this ‘proven technology’ in a way which meets the needs of modern learners.

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