Meeuwissen & Oude Egbrink to Present “Towards Integrated Medical Education”

Continuing with our exploration of how basic science education can be leveraged for student success, this sequel to our Winter series will expand upon the traditional roles of basic sciences and venture into unexplored areas. The IAMSE Spring 2022 webinar series will explore the domains that are cornerstones of medical education and closely align with accreditation elements for the LCME, COCA, and other accreditation bodies within the health professions. The fourth session in the series will feature Stephanie Meeuwissen and Mirjam Oude Egbrink from Maastricht University (The Netherlands).

Towards Integrated Medical Education:
Getting the best out of interdisciplinary teacher

teams and leaders

Presenters: Stephanie Meeuwissen, MD, PhD and Mirjam Oude Egbrink, PhD, MHPE
Session Date & Time: March 24, 2022 at 12pm Eastern

In this session, original research will be presented on interdisciplinary teacher teams working on integrated medical education. These teams are composed of a combination of physicians and basic and social scientists. A general background will be provided on how integrated education is organized at Maastricht University, and why we need to work with teacher teams that have to collaborate in spite of the diverse disciplinary backgrounds. We will then present the studies that were conducted in this context, aiming to understand the way interdisciplinary teacher teams function in our context and how this is related to the perceived quality of education. Based on our results, we will present a model of interdisciplinary teacher team functioning as well as stimulating and inhibiting factors at different levels. Finally, we will present how findings from our studies were implemented in a faculty development workshop on leader identity development for interdisciplinary teacher team leaders.

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