JR Georgiadis to Present “Gamification in Biomedical Education”

Implementing effective, advanced active learning instructional methods into the classroom can be a challenge for health professions educators. Game-based teaching is a promising and increasingly popular learner-centered teaching approach that stimulates engagement, motivation, and effective learning. The Winter 2023 IAMSE Webinar Series will survey the use and benefit of games in health care education and address strategies for incorporating games into the basic science curriculum. The first session in the series will feature JR Georgiadis from the University Medical Center Groningen (Netherlands).

JR Georgiadis, PhD

Gamification in Biomedical Education

Presenter: JR Georgiadis, PhD
Session Date & Time: January 5, 2023 at 12pm Eastern
Session Description: Gamification, the use of game elements in non-gaming context, has become a buzz-word in education and training. But can gamification live up to the high expectations that its popularity creates? In this session, Dr. Georgiadis will provide an overview of the use of gamification in graduate and post-graduate health professions education to show that the application of gamification is typically uninformed and unbalanced, and the effects of its application in education at best uncertain. Dr. Georgiadis will nevertheless try to convince attendees that game design, if used adequately, can be very important for educational settings. 

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