#IAMSE19 Faculty Development Course Highlight: Acute Stress Management for the Health Care Provider

The 23rd Annual IAMSE Meeting will feature a host of new workshops throughout the entire meeting. One of our first-time workshops is Acute Stress Management for the Health Care Provider. This morning workshop will be given on Tuesday, June 11 and will be led by Matthew Carvey and Paul Feliu.

Workshop: Acute Stress Management for the Health Care Provider
Time: Tuesday, June 11 from 8:15 AM – 9:45 AM
Speakers: Matthew Carvey and Paul Feliu – St. George’s University

There is increasing awareness among healthcare providers of the emotional toll caused by acutely stressful cases. COPED, or Counsellor/psychiatrist, Outcome was uncontrollable, Personal stress management, Experience resulting from this event, and Debriefing/defusing, is an acronym providing guidance for managing stress. Employment of COPED can help prevent the development of more permanent psychiatric conditions, such as PTSD, in healthcare providers following such events.Session Objectives:
• Ability to implement the “COPED” acronym if/when a traumatic event occurs in the health care setting.
• Describe situations that could lead to the development of an acute stress response.
• Discuss further techniques that could identify acute stress reactions and implement these resources to attempt in preventing long-term psychiatric conditions.  
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Additional details about this and our other Faculty Development Workshops, as well as registration information, can be found at http://www.iamseconference.org.