IAMSE – Winter 2017 Webcast Audio Seminar Save the Date!

IAMSE is pleased to announce the Winter 2017 Web Seminar!

Creating a Culture of Well-being at an Academic Health Center

Reports from various sources indicate that chronic stress and burnout is prevalent in the health professions, affecting over half of primary care practitioners and even more in several specialties. This trend may begin earlier with the observed decline in empathy during medical student and residency training and the alarming rates of burnout in medical and other students in the health professions. As educators, administrators and academic health leaders grapple with developing interventions to address these issues, evidence is emerging that programs aimed at fostering resilience and stress reduction such as mindfulness, reflective capacity and appreciate inquiry, also lead to increased empathy and improved well being. Furthermore, the AAMC, ACGME and other national organizations are working to improve the learning environment and facilitate the creation of a culture of well-being at academic health centers. The IAMSE 2017 Winter Web Seminar Series has an impressive panel of leaders who will share their expertise on trainee stress and burnout and curricular interventions that have been shown to address these issues. The series is designed to help faculty, course directors and administrators understand the issues and hear about successful approaches and innovations to improve the health and well-being of students, residents and faculty. In Session 1, Dr. Colin West will provide an overview to the issue of student stress and physician burnout and share outcomes from the large studies conducted by the team at Mayo Clinic. In Sessions 2-5, Drs. Stuart Slavin (St. Louis University), Catherine Pipas (Dartmouth), Adi Haramati (Georgetown) and Michael Krasner (University of Rochester) will describe the rationale and approaches they undertook at different institutions and in various learners and trainees. We hope that this series will bring these serious issues to your awareness and provide you with possible solutions and ideas on how to move forward at your institution.

January 5 –¬†Physician burnout and distress ‚Äď causes, consequences, and a structure for solutions – Presented by Colin West

January 12 –¬†Improving Medical Student Mental Health: A Multi-faceted Approach – Presented by¬†Stuart Slavin

January 19 РStrategies for promoting personal health & wellness and leading change at the individual level РPresented by Catherine Pipas

January 26 РThe Imperative for Incorporating Mind-Body Medicine in Health Professions Education РPresented by Adi Haramati

February 2 РCultivating Resilience and Reducing Burnout for Health Professionals: The Power of Presence, Reflective Practice and Appreciative Dialogue РPresented by Michael Krasner

Registration is set to open in November. Please visit www.iamse.org for more information.