IAMSE Welcomes GRIPE Members to Association

On July 1, 2021, the International Association of Medical Science Educators (IAMSE) welcomed over 60 institutions and affiliated faculty from the Group for Research in Pathology Education (GRIPE) to its membership. This decision to integrate GRIPE with IAMSE is based upon a shared vision of improving health professions education underpinned by a commitment to both excellence and inclusion. IAMSE is excited to welcome this long-standing group of international pathology educators and researchers.

GRIPE’s core values are innovation and collaboration in order to assume responsibility for improving pathology education through developing resource materials, evaluating student performance, fostering professional growth through life-long learning, exchanging resources, building and bettering the GRIPE Digital Question and Image Bank, and promoting the professional identity of pathology educators. 

It is the hope of the IAMSE Board of Directors that this union will join two like-minded educational organizations to create a broader community of global leaders in health professions and medical education. The combination of state-of-the-art resources made available by each organization to all its members, together with access to professional development opportunities, is at the heart of GRIPE’s vision to advance the quality of pathology education and research. The positive culture among the existing GRIPE membership will build upon the strong and effective collaboration that is a hallmark of IAMSE. A union between these two groups will foster more collaboration and opportunities for members to share in the body of knowledge that informs all health science educators. It will also allow IAMSE members to have access to the GRIPE Digital Question and Image Bank in the near future.

We are excited to welcome this group of new members and look forward to the opportunities we will create together.

Neil Osheroff, PhD
President, IAMSE