IAMSE Spring Web Seminar Series: “Remediation of Gaps in Clinical Skills – One Size Fits One”

Remediation of Gaps in Clinical Skills – One Size Fits One
Presenters: Cate Nicholas and Camilla Curren
March 30, 12 PM ET

Remediation of gaps in clinical skills requires an individualized approach to the learner, the problem, and the clinical setting in which the gaps are noted. Having the learner repeat a standardized patient skills encounter alone, for example, will likely not result in the desired demonstration of adequate skills which were absent on initial assessment. However, a methodical assessment of the learner’s cognitive or behavioral errors, followed by progressive coaching to an acceptable endpoint, is usually successful in achieving targeted skills acquisition. This session will discuss methods of analyzing clinical skills encounters for, and of remediating, common cognitive or behavioral learning issues in ways that are respectful of the learner and that contribute to durable improvement in clinical skills. We will specifically discuss teaching approaches that have been implemented successfully in clinical skills remediation situations. During this session the participant will learn to:

  1. Analyze the learners cognitive or behavioral error
  2. Create an individualized remediation plan
  3. Assess the effectiveness of the plan