IAMSE Spring 2019 Webinar Series: “Stepping Beyond the ‘Step 1 Climate'”

The 2019 IAMSE Spring Webcast Audio Seminar Series is quickly approaching. This season will focus on the role of basic science in current medical education. How can basic science instruction continue to fulfill its mission of providing a scientific approach to the practice of medicine? The IAMSE spring series is addressing this question by presenting several new approaches to improve foundational science instruction beyond integration with the clinical sciences. This March, we’ve lined up eight speakers to shine a light on the topic across multiple landscapes in medical education. Our fourth session’s speakers are Dr. Kathy Andolsek and David Chen, MSIII.

Kathy Andolsek MD, MPH

Stepping Beyond the “Step 1 Climate”
Presenters: Kathy Andolsek – Duke University and David Chen – University of Washington
Session: March 28, 2019 at 12pm Eastern Time Join a conversation about how our medical education community could collaboratively address the “Step 1 climate” that is described by medical students in a recent Academic Medicine article. The lead author will explore how Step 1 has inadvertently but incontrovertibly adversely altered the preclinical learning environment, specifically with regard to the quality of education, diversity, and student well-being. The author of an accompanying commentary will provide historical context as to the purpose for which this test was designed and the unintended consequences as it has been used for other purposes, such as residency selection. Bring creativity, imagination, and a willingness to seek consensus options that address all stakeholder group needs. 

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