IAMSE Fall 2016 WAS Session 3 Highlights

In case you missed yesterday’s Webcast Audio Seminar (WAS) Session, here are the highlights of this session:

Entrustment deciscion making in EPA-based curricula
Olle ten Cate, Ph.D.
University Medical Center Utrecht

  1. Competency-based ME
    • Widely accepted
    • Based on competence, and not the amount of time spent in training
    • Analytic framework approach where the feature of the doctor is divided into seven areas, Medical Expert, Collaborator, Communicator, Manager, Health Advocate, Scholar and Professional.
    • Several issues with this approach that lead to creating competencies in practice
  2. Entrustable Professional Activities
    • Defined as “units of professional practice (tasks) that may be entrusted to a learner to execute unsupervised, once he or she has demonstrated the required competence.
    • EPAs and competency are not the same
    • EPAs are units of work that must be done whereas competencies are a trait of an individual.
    • EPAs are work descriptors and competencies are person descriptors
  3. Current Issues in the Work Place
    • Assessment scores tend to be too high, not willing to assign failing grades
    • Assessment based on one feature rather than all areas
    • Assessments are not reproducible, standardized, subjective
    • Exposes a need for a reliable test
    • Observations cannot always be turned in to a score.
  4. Entrustment as an Assessment
    • Included several articles on this subject
    • Recognize ability + right + duty to act
    • Typical learner assessment tends to focus on evaluation of ability
    • Entrustment of learners tend to combine the evaluation of ability with the permission to act
    • and the readiness to be scheduled for service.
    • Values of those we trust: ability, integrity, reliability and humility
    • Two modes of Entrustment decisions
      • Ad-hoc: happens daily, based on presumptive and initial trust
      • Summative: based on grounded trust

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