IAMSE – Call for Committee Volunteers

Within our association, several committees are operating to help move the organization forward and achieve the strategic goals set by the Board of Directors. The contribution of our members to these committees is crucial and highly appreciated. At the moment, we are seeking a broad representation of professional educators, basic scientists, clinical scientists, and instructional technologists from around the world as volunteers for the following committees:

Membership Committee: Responsible for evaluating the needs of IAMSE’s membership and recommends appropriate ways to meet those needs. The Membership Committee will also develop methods and programs for active membership recruitment and retention.

Organizational Development Committee: Responsible for pursuing federal, foundation, corporate, and private funding on behalf of IAMSE. This committee also oversees the marketing outreach of IAMSE.

In general, we expect members of the committees to be available for a one hour monthly phone meeting and accessibility by email. If you would like to be considered for a position on any of these committees, please send a brief statement of your interest and qualifications to brandi@iamse.org by December 15.

We hope that you will consider becoming involved in this important and collegial work.

For additional information or questions please contact brandi@iamse.org.