IAMSE 2022 Virtual Forum Information

IAMSE is pleased to invite you to join us for the inaugural IAMSE Virtual Forum. The Forum will take place December 2-3, 5-6, 2022. Read on to learn more about this exciting event and keep your calendars open!

Health Professions
Education Without Borders

Our world is rapidly changing and the need for health care professionals to understand this changing landscape is crucial. Join us for the 2022 IAMSE Virtual Forum where we will tear down the borders that separate us and work towards more integrated education opportunities. Borders come in all forms, from geo-political to socio-economic, from online to face to face, and from diversity to experience levels. This forum will feature conversations that showcase the borders but give actional suggestions on how to remove them and build community. Topics include but are not limited to technology-enhanced education, online vs face to face, conflict zone education, diversity equity and inclusion, intercollegiate collaboration, international collaboration, junior and senior educator collaboration, and any other border that prevents us from sharing resources, talents, and helping our students be the best health professional they can be.

Presentation Descriptions

  • Preconference Workshops: These 3-hour sessions to be held on Friday and Saturday will focus on providing attendees with an opportunity to learn and practice a new skill.
  • Ignite talk: Throughout the forum, there will be four ignite talks. These talks consist of a 20-minute presentation, a 20-minute breakout activity for all attendees, and concludes with a 20-minute large group discussion.
  • Lightning Talks: These short sessions, 7-minute presentations with 7-minutes of questions and answers, provide all scholars with a chance to share their works including works in process.
  • Virtual Posters: Accepted poster authors will submit a 3-minute recording of their abstract which will be posted on the event application and accessible to all attendees. There will be no synchronous component to the Virtual Posters.
  • Networking Round Table: Do you want to discuss a topic? Submit an idea to the Virtual Forum Program Committee by emailing support@iamse.org. You can also volunteer to facilitate the discussion of your topic.

Important Deadlines

June 1, 2022 – Deadline for Preconference Workshops
August 1, 2022 – Preconference Workshop Author Notification
September 1, 2022 – Deadline for Lightning Talks and Virtual Posters
October 1, 2022 – Lightning Talk and Virtual Poster Author Notification
October 2022 – Registration Open!
November 1, 2022 – Early Bird Registration Deadline
November 7, 2022 – Virtual Poster Submission Deadline
December 2-3, 5-6, 2022 – IAMSE 2022 Virtual Forum

Tentative Forum Schedule

Please note that with the exception of the Ignite Speakers, all sessions will be offered twice – once during the United States/European Block and again during the Asian/Oceania block.

United States and European Block

EasternUnited KingdomSingaporeFriday, December 2Saturday, December 3Monday, December 5Tuesday, December 6
9:00 AM2:00 PM10:00 PMWorkshopsWelcomeWelcome
9:15 AM2:15 PM10:15 PMWorkshopsIgnite Speaker 1Ignite Speaker 2
9:30 AM2:30 PM10:30 PMWorkshopsIgnite Speaker 1Ignite Speaker 2
9:45 AM2:45 PM10:45 PMWorkshopsIgnite Speaker 1Ignite Speaker 2
10:00 AM3:00 PM11:00 PMWorkshopsIgnite Speaker 1Ignite Speaker 2
10:15 AM3:15 PM11:15 PMWorkshopsBreakBreak
10:30 AM3:30 PM11:30 PMWorkshopsLightning TalksNetworking with Breakouts
10:45 AM3:45 PM11:45 PMWorkshopsLightning TalksNetworking with Breakouts
11:00 AM4:00 PM12:00 PMWorkshopsLightning TalksNetworking with Breakouts
11:15 AM4:15 PM12:15 PMWorkshopsLightning TalksNetworking with Breakouts
11:30 AM4:30 PM12:30 PMWorkshopsLightning TalksRoundtable/Panel Discussion
11:45 AM4:45 PM12:45 PMWorkshopsLightning TalksRoundtable/Panel Discussion
12:00 PM5:00 PM1:00 AMRoundtable/Panel Discussion
12:15 PM5:15 PM1:15 AMRoundtable/Panel Discussion
12:30 PM5:30 PM1:30 AMMeeting Close

Asia and Oceania Block

Eastern United KingdomSingapore Friday, December 2Saturday, December 3Monday, December 5Tuesday, December 6
8:00 PM1:00 AM9:00 AMWorkshopsWelcomeWelcome
8:15 PM1:15 AM9:15 AMWorkshopsIgnite Speaker 1Ignite Speaker 2
8:30 PM1:30 AM9:30 AMWorkshopsIgnite Speaker 1Ignite Speaker 2
8:45 PM1:45 AM9:45 AMWorkshopsIgnite Speaker 1Ignite Speaker 2
9:00 PM2:00 AM10:00 AMWorkshopsIgnite Speaker 1Ignite Speaker 2
9:15 PM2:15 AM10:15 AMWorkshopsBreakBreak
9:30 PM2:30 AM10:30 AMWorkshopsLightning TalksNetworking with Breakouts
9:45 PM2:45 AM10:45 AMWorkshopsLightning TalksNetworking with Breakouts
10:00 PM3:00 AM11:00 AMWorkshopsLightning TalksNetworking with Breakouts
10:15 PM3:15 AM11:15 AMWorkshopsLightning TalksNetworking with Breakouts
10:30 PM3:30 AM11:30 AMWorkshopsLightning TalksRoundtable/Panel Discussion
10:45 PM3:45 AM11:45 AMWorkshopsLightning TalksRoundtable/Panel Discussion
11:00 PM4:00 AM12:00 AMRoundtable/Panel Discussion
11:15 PM4:15 AM12:15 AMRoundtable/Panel Discussion
11:30 PM4:30 AM12:30 AMMeeting Close