#IAMSE 18 Saturday Workshop Spotlight with Maryellen Gusic & Wendy Hobson-Rohrer

The first day of our 22nd annual meeting is packed with workshops, seminars and speakers. Saturday’s activities will cover a variety of topics including educational research manuscript reviews, enhancing leadership skills and an introduction to game-based teaching and learning. During the afternoon block of sessions Maryellen Gusic and Wendy Hobson-Rohrer will present a dynamic interactive session on looking ahead at what’s next in your academic career.

Expanding Your Horizons Beyond Your Current Academic Unit: What’s Next on Your Leadership Pathway

June 9 1215In this interactive session, participants will explore opportunities to advance in their academic career beyond their current divisions and departments. Academic health science centers are complex organizations that provide a broad spectrum of possible growth opportunities for faculty. Participants will review typical structures of academic health science centers, draw their own organization and discuss unique challenges. The group will discuss the nature of formal and informal positions in medical education.

After engaging in a self-assessment and visioning exercise, participants will discuss their goal and consider gaps/learning needs. Ideas of how to address the gaps to effectively position themselves for new leadership opportunities will be shared. In small group discussions and facilitated large group information sharing, the audience will discuss how to practice graceful self-promotion and to benefit through work with mentors and sponsors who can expand one’s network.

Participants will learn how to design an effective executive summary and cover letter to successfully market oneself and meet the needs of a new position in the organization. At the end of the workshop, each participant will do step back planning: starting with an ideal future position, they will delineate key first steps to take when they get home to investigate a new role/responsibility that will help them start on the pathway to this goal.

• Explore leadership opportunities across the mission areas of academic health centers
• Create an individual professional development plan to advance towards an institutional leadership role
• Effectively document one’s skills and accomplishments to allow others to see you in this new role

A broad exploration of potential opportunities will give participants an expanded view of what is possible and concrete steps for how to advance their career and meet professional goals. During the workshop, participants will envision new leadership opportunities, reflect on their current position and what gaps they need to address and learn through peer mentoring and input from the session facilitators.