Script Concordance Assessment of Clinical Reasoning in Medical Students, Five Years Out

Presented by Mary T. Johnson on September 19, 2013 at 12:00 pm

Part of a clinician’s competence is the capacity to solve problems that deal with the complex and ambiguous nature of patient care. The Script Concordance Test (SCT) is a method for evaluating data interpretation, one of the measurable dimensions of problem-solving skill. Developed as a collaborative project between two large allopathic medical schools, this preclinical SCT has been used for a number of years as a benchmark for student learning. New data from two additional medical schools will be presented, along with a practical approach to utilizing outcomes.

This presentation will allow participants to:

  1. Discover the SCT, an innovative competency-based assessment.
  2. Consider the application of this tool for the evaluation of clinical reasoning in medical learners.
  3. Appreciate the SCT as a validated assessment instrument for differentiating among students along a continuum of learners from medical novice to resident physician to expert clinician.