How to Publish Your Results

Presented by Peter GM de Jong on February 11, 2016 at 12:00 pm

In publishing scholarly work, there are several opportunities available to present your results to a specific audience. One way of sharing your results is presenting at conferences on medical education. These conferences can be found at a national as well as an international level. The most common types of conference contributions are the oral and poster presentations. Presenting at a conference can be a good and maybe even the most appropriate way to publish your work. Another option is publication in a (scientific) medical education journal. For publishing in a journal, not only the writing skills of the author are important. At least as important is choosing the right strategy in submitting the work to the most appropriate journal. It is also useful to know how the Editorial Office and Editorial Board of a journal handle the manuscripts received. Knowledge of these last two aspects can significantly increase the chances for acceptance of the manuscript. The session will give the attendees more insight in the editorial processes of a journal and several concrete strategies to increase the chances of acceptance of their work. The presenter will showcase the internal procedures of IAMSE’s journal Medical Science Educator to explain the attendees what is happening behind the scenes of a journal. Some general advice will be given in order to make the process of submission as successful as possible. At the end of the session the participants will have a better understanding of ways to publish their results.