Curriculum Mapping in an Age of Competency-based Education

Presented by Chandler Mayfield & Sascha Cohen on February 28, 2013 at 12:00 pm

Curriculum mapping is now an established practice in education, and over the last few years the tools available to assist in the process are growing in number and becoming more robust and effective. One of the keys to effective mapping is understanding the educational framework against which you are creating your map. Many schools are now struggling with how to implement new competency-based educational frameworks and how to make sense of our curriculum in light of these new approaches.

This session will help to illustrate some of the ways the Ilios curriculum management tool allows for the capture of both traditional curricular information (e.g. Topics, Learning Modalities, Keywords) and its interrelationship with competencies to provide a deeper understanding of how to:

  1. create a shared vocabulary and understanding of curriculum in the health professions community.
  2. Utilize an evidence-based approach to teaching and quality improvement.
  3. clearly and consistently identify curricular gaps and redundancies.
  4. provide flexibility in connecting emerging curricular models and adapting to the ever shifting landscape facing medical education.
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Presenter Bios

Chandler MayfieldChandler Mayfield is Director for Technology Enhanced Learning at the UCSF School of Medicine. He has more than ten years experience working on almost every aspect of the medical student curriculum as well as extending educational technology services to graduate medical education, continuing medical education, global health sciences and other health professions schools. He helped launch and develop UCSF’s award winning Ilios curriculum management system in 2002. He is also Co-Director of the UCSF School of Medicine’s Curriculum Ambassador Program which supports and leverages learner involvement in curriculum development, innovation and scholarship. He is past Chair of the Computer Resources in Medical Education (CRIME) professionals group, a group of educational technologists from Western Region US and Canadian medical schools.


Sascha CohenSascha is the Director of Strategic Development for the Ilios Project, the home of UCSF’s 2nd generation competency-based curriculum management tool designed for and used by health professions for excellence in education. Prior to coming to UCSF, Sascha worked for nearly a decade as a strategic consultant in the fields of education, government, theater arts, healthcare and non-profit technology. Previous positions also include time as the Chief Technology Officer of THAP Total Health and Productivity, and Manager of Application Development at Tech Soup. He holds degrees in Religion (BA) and Middle Eastern Studies (MA) from UC Santa Cruz and UT Austin, and has authored a number of works on biblical literature, comparative religion and art, and the cross-cultural dissemination of narrative constructs.