Message from Editor-in-Chief

Peter G.M. de Jong, Ph.D.

Issue 20-3 of JIAMSE is a very special issue in several ways. First of all, every article in this issue focuses on the role of the basic sciences in modern medical education. This year marks the centennial anniversary of Abraham Flexner’s seminal report on medical education in the United States and Canada. In 2006, IAMSE initiated the Flexner Revisited project to celebrate and recognize Flexner’s contributions by examining his findings for the basic sciences in the context of medical education for the 21st century. This issue of JIAMSE provides the culmination of several studies from this project, brought together by Guest Editor Pat Finnerty.

Secondly, issue 20-3 is the last issue of the IAMSE journal that will be published under the name of JIAMSE. Starting January 2011, the peer reviewed journal of our association will be called Medical Science Educator. We hope that this new name is a better description of what our Journal is about: a place for medical science educators to publish their scholarly work helping to move medical science education forward. The content of the Journal will not change enormously, but the layout may look a little different. However, a new name will also be unrecognized by many, so we hope we can count on your help as active readers of our Journal to make the new name of our Journal known to your colleagues. Please encourage them to become a reader of the Journal, either through membership in IAMSE or by an individual Journal subscription.

With a new journal comes a new website. All information on Medical Science Educator can be found on the special journal website Information on the Editorial Board, instructions for authors and access to the published issues are presented on this site for your convenience. Medical Science Educator can also be followed on Facebook which is a great way to connect with others interested in our Journal and to follow the latest announcements.

I hope you will enjoy this special and last issue of JIAMSE and I look forward welcoming you back in Medical Science Educator next year!
Peter G.M. de Jong, Ph.D. Editor-in-Chief

Published Page Numbers: 257