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The Basic Science Education Forum is in the preliminary stages of planning a summer conference on New Educational Strategies for the Basic Sciences, to be held in Charleston, SC during the early part of June, 1993 jointly sponsored and hosted by The Medical University of South Carolina. The following program topics have been suggested: “Critical Review of the Problem-Based Curriculum”, “Course Design: What to Teach and When”, “Computers: Now and the Future”, “The Student’s Perspective on the Curriculum”, “Case Design for Problem-Based Curricula”, “Introduction of Clinical Correlations in the Classical Curriculum”, “How to Design Better Multiple Choice Examinations”, and “Topic-Based Multidisciplinary Teaching”. This conference will be unique in that it will focus on these topics from the perspective of the basic scientist, addressing practical needs across all six traditional disciplines. If this sounds interesting to you, please complete and return the postcard enclosed with this issue.