Looking for Professional Development Options for the IAMSE 2024 Conference?

he International Association of Medical Science Educators (IAMSE) is dedicated to offering thought-provoking, educational, and investment-worthy professional development sessions for its Annual Conference. A Pre-Conference Faculty Development Workshop is 3 or 6 hours in length with limited enrollment and an additional registration fee. The workshops combine appropriate amounts of didactic presentation with significant “hands-on” opportunities for participants. For the participants, a certificate of attendance will be available after completion of the course if needed.

Please note that all Pre-Conference Workshops take place on Saturday, June 15, 2024. 

Full-Day Pre-Conference Workshops

Educational Video Skills Development for Healthcare Educators
8:00 AM – 3:15 PM CDT (UTC−05:00)

The workshop will empower healthcare educators to have confidence in skills necessary to create, edit, evaluate and distribute high quality educational videos for instructional purposes. The aim is to involve participants in hands-on activities that will be memorable and relevant to improve their current educational practices.
Presented by: 

Malli Barremkala
Suzan Kamel-ElSayed
James Grogan
Integrating Basic Science and Clinical Medicine: From Curriculum to Classroom to Learner Assessment
8:00 AM – 3:15 PM CDT (UTC−05:00)

In this workshop, participants will have the opportunity to work collaboratively with their peers from other institutions to facilitate creative and shared problem-solving to promote and assess learner cognitive integration of basic science and clinical medicine.
Presented by: 

Leslie Fall
David Harris
Julie Kerry
Kate Miller
Khiet Ngo
James Nixon
Amy Wilson-Delfosse

Morning Pre-Conference Workshops

Developing a Statement on the Use of Artificial Intelligence in Medical Education
8:00 AM – 11:00 AM CDT (UTC−05:00)

The purpose of this workshop is to expand participants’ knowledge and experience with natural language processing and explore application of these technologies in the context of medical education.
Presented by: 

Marina Diioia
Matthew Laye
Launa Lynch
LaToya Woods
Developing Resilient Mindsets in Health Professions Students
8:00 AM – 11:00 AM CDT (UTC−05:00)

The purpose of the workshop is to Resilient Mindsets in Medicine is to equip faculty to create more motivationally-supportive learning environments. Faculty will learn how to leverage the power of learning mindsets in ways that can support students to be more resilient and less likely to burnout.
Presented by: 

Kenn Barron
Alliyah Francis
Yoi Tibbetts
Mark Speicher
Open-Ended Questions in the Integrated Medical Curriculum: A Practical Approach
8:00 AM – 11:00 AM CDT (UTC−05:00)

This workshop will allow participants to identify different types of open-ended questions, create integrated, open-ended questions linked to specific learning objectives, create and use an analytic scoring rubric, explain a process for standard-setting and the assigning of grades, and discuss the implications of emerging artificial intelligence technology for medical school assessment.
Presented by: 

Jeffrey Bird
Judith Brenner
Robert Hill
Doreen Olvet
Using Micro-Scholarship to Incentivize Faculty Professional Development
8:00 AM – 11:00 AM CDT (UTC−05:00)

The intent of this workshop is to not only provide the concept, tools, and application of Micro-Scholarship and the struggles of incentivizing faculty development but to work as a cohort to develop a consensus statement to be published in a journal with a recommendation on the urgency to incentivize faculty development and how it can advance health professions education. 
Presented by: 

Ennid Duran Gonzalez
Alice Fornari
Poh-Sun Goh
Charles Gullo
Sol Roberts-Lieb
Elisabeth Schlegel

Afternoon Pre-Conference Workshops

Ask, Answer, Disseminate: Your Roadmap to Educational Scholarship
12:15 PM – 3:15 PM CDT (UTC−05:00)

In this workshop the facilitators will provide a framework for educational scholarship. Participants will then identify a personal educational scholarship project and develop a plan to complete and disseminate it while receiving guidance from experienced faculty members.
Presented by: 

Tameka Clemons
Kimberly Dahlman
Bonny Dickinson
Martha Faner
Leading for the Future: Values, Mindfulness, and Allyship in Academia
12:15 PM – 3:15 PM CDT (UTC−05:00)

The purpose of this workshop is to help medical educators develop into leaders and allies – identifying their values, built out of their unique lived experience, by providing a safe forum to discuss challenges and identify solutions.
Presented by: 

Heather Christensen
Carrie Elzie
Aaron Marshall

To learn more about all of the sessions that the IAMSE Conference has to offer, please visit us at www.IAMSEConference.org. If there are any questions that our website cannot answer, please reach out to us at support@iamse.org. If you are already registered and want to add a pre-conference workshop to your schedule, you may modify your registration by clicking here

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