#IAMSE18 – Plenary Speaker Highlight: Aviad Haramati

Wrapping up our plenary speaker highlights for the 22nd Annual IAMSE Meeting is Dr. Aviad Haramati. Keenly eyeing the meeting’s focus of integrating nutrition and wellness education in teaching the health sciences, Dr. Haramati’s presentation titled “Fostering Well-being in the Learning Environment: the Imperative for Medical Science Educators” will discuss issues surrounding physician stress and burnout.

Aviad Haramati: Fostering Well-being in the Learning Environment: the Imperative for Medical Science Educators
[Georgetown University Medical Center, Washington, DC]

More than half of practicing physicians exhibit characteristics of chronic stress and burnout. This trend may begin earlier with the observed decline in empathy during medical student training and the alarming rates of burnout in medical and other students in the health professions. Research findings suggest that there is an important link between the culture and state of the learning environment and the health of learners and teachers. In this presentation, Dr. Haramati will review the elements that impact on the well-being and resilience of students and faculty in the health professions and highlight interventions that are being implemented to help learners manage stress, foster empathy and build resilience, with a particular emphasis on the critical role that medical science educators can play.

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