IAMSE to Host Virtual Roundtable Discussions

IAMSE wants to hear how you are doing and how you are adapting to the new challenges at your institution. Have you had to cancel student research, deliver online exams or revamp your curriculum to more easily be shared online? What questions or words of advice would you give to fellow medical educators? Let us know during an upcoming #IAMSEchat.

We will soon be facilitating online discussions for our members to come together and chat about what works, what doesn’t, and how we can all be learning from and leaning on each other in this tumultuous time. Thus, to assist each other and help maintain our sense of community, we invite you to join in the conversation with your fellow educators in IAMSE by submitting¬†your¬†discussion topics here.

We will share information on these upcoming virtual roundtables in the next few days as it becomes available.