IAMSE Educational Scholarship Grant Reminder

The deadline for the Educational Grant Scholarship is quickly drawing to a close! As a reminder, the deadline for submitting applications is January 16, 2016. Applications are to be submitted to Brandi via email (brandi@iamse.org) before the deadline. Instructions for grant proposals may be foundĀ here.

The 2016 Educational Scholarship Grant program will award one research grant in the amount of $3,000 for a 2 year grant period.Ā All IAMSE members are eligible to submit a grant proposal. Preference will be given to new projects, and must be relevant to the mission of IAMSE. The results of funded projects must be presented at a future IAMSE meeting. The initial funding award will be announced via email, and at the 2016 IAMSE meeting.

All information regarding the IAMSE Educational Scholarship Grant, including the application process, eligibility, proposal format, and evaluation criteria can be found on the IAMSE website (www.iamse.org).