IAMSE Educational Scholarship and Curriculum Innovation Grants

The International Association of Medical Science Educators (IAMSE) wishes to encourage and support scholarship in medical science education and will fund multiple educational scholarship and curriculum innovation grants for up to $5000 each. We are excited to announce that proposals for 2021 grants are now being accepted!

The purpose of the IAMSE Educational Scholarship Grants is to make available funds to support projects designed to systematically collect and analyze data related to medical education, which may employ a variety of methods, but seeks to produce generalizable information for dissemination.

The purpose of the IAMSE Curriculum Innovation Grants is to make available funds to support projects designed for the general enrichment of teaching and learning that go beyond normal expectations of a faculty member, including but not limited to advances in pedagogy, technology, content development, or professional development.
 All IAMSE members are eligible to submit a grant proposal. Preference will be given to new projects, and must be relevant to the mission of IAMSE. The results of funded projects must be presented at a future IAMSE meeting. The initial funding award will be announced via email and at the 2021 IAMSE meeting. The deadline to submit proposals for 2021 grants is January 15, 2021. For more information on please visit our website here. Looking for information on the IAMSE-ScholarRx Educational Research Grant Program for students? Visit this page for more information!

Thank you,
Amber Heck
Chair, Educational Scholarship Committee