Focus Session Spotlight: Design, Develop, Deploy & Evaluate Technology Enhanced Learning in MedEd

The 25th Annual IAMSE Meeting will feature a host of new focus sessions throughout the entire conference. One of our first-time workshops is Design, Develop, Deploy and Evaluate Technology Enhanced Learning in Medical Education. This 90-minute course will be given on Monday, June 14 and will be led by Scott Border and James Pickering.

Design, Develop, Deploy and Evaluate Technology Enhanced Learning in Medical Education
Scott Border – Southampton UK
James Pickering – University of Leeds (UK)
Date and Time: Monday, June 14, 2021, 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM EDT 

Many medical science educators have adopted the creation of bespoke interactive and engaging online supplementary learning resources for integration into face-to-face delivery as a way to create blended learning curricula. Although many of today’s students appear to have a growing preference for utilizing learning resources that are visually appealing with moving images and audio explanations, the theoretical basis and supporting evidence for this approach to curricula delivery is often set aside from student expectations and perceptions of enjoyment. Over the past decade, both session leaders have gained considerable experience in creating simple yet effective and efficient resources that provide flexible and student-centered learning. Using screencasts and mixed reality resources as the mode of technological innovation, digital media (either screen-captured drawings or holographic imagery), with accompanying narration, have been shown to be overwhelmingly popular with students around the globe. Importantly, even though these resources have proven to be popular with students they are also designed cognisant of the relevant evidence-based theories such as cognitive load and cognitive theory of multimedia learning. Using our experience of designing, developing and evaluating the efficacy of such resources, this session will provide colleagues with tangible examples of ways to create such resources, how to develop them with a student-centered approach.

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