A special message from our partners at AAMC

We hope this message finds you doing well!  We want to share your great work and support the broad learning community with new or adapted clinically relevant learning experiences.

Our medical and health professions’ educators are responding to this pandemic with new or adapted learning experiences that can be done without patient contact during COVID-19. The AAMC is creating a new free and open resource repository that will allow for the agile sharing and disseminating of these educational approaches.

We are particularly interested in submissions of learning experiences that support patient care, but may not necessarily involve direct patient contact. Examples of appropriate resources may include a description with or without supplements, such as: checklists, worksheets, lesson plans, cases, or lecture outlines. Existing electives on diverse topics that have or can be adapted for online or remote completion are also welcome.

If you have exemplars to share, please send email to curricularinnovation@aamc.org

Our specific inclusion criteria for this collection, includes:

  • Describes experiences or activities that represent a structured learning experience (or can be readily designed as such)
  • Does not involve physical contact with patients
  • Can be offered virtually in real time and/or asynchronously
  • Can be offered with or without peers and/or facilitation
  • Objectives are focused on skills with clinical relevance in broad competency areas
  • Adhere to the Creative Commons License Attribution – Non Commercial

We will be reviewing those submissions and, as needed, reaching out for more information. Again, our intent is to curate and disseminate this information for the broader med ed community.

Thank you for all you are doing to support learners and the clinical learning environment during this unprecedented time!

On behalf of
Lisa Howley, PhD, MEd
Sr Director of Strategic Initiatives & Partnerships in Medical Education
Association of American Medical Colleges