Medical Science Educator Volume 18: No. 2

Maximizing Your Leadership Potential: A Two-part IAMSE Webcast Audio Seminar Series

Jack R. Scott, Ed.D. 1, Jeffrey A. Morzinski, Ph.D. 2, Lynn Curry, Ph.D. 3, Patricia S. O’Sullivan, Ed.D. 4, Paula Bartholome, M.S., O.D. 5, Thomas R. Viggiano, M.D. 6, Michael D. Lumpkin, Ph.D. 7, Nehad El-Sawi, Ph,D. 8, Franklin J. Medio, Ph.D. 9, Elza Mylona, Ph.D. 10, Alison H. Lintner, M.S. 11, Stephen P. Bogdewic, Ph.D. 12, Thomas Schmidt, Ph.D. 13

Academic health centers are increasingly faced with persistent forces of change. Implementing the change process frequently involves unique skills and strategies by effective leaders willing to transform individuals, organizations and cultures. Many of us in contemporary medical science recognize the importance of influencing change to align both individual and organizational goals. Each of us must… Read more »

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