IAMSE Awards

The Edward Patrick Finnerty Lifetime Achievement Award

This award is bestowed upon an individual member who has demonstrated a sustained involvement in and commitment to the advancement of the International Association of Medical Science Educators through their many types of service to the organization at the highest levels of performance. The special nature of this award makes it one for which a member may not apply, but rather, it represents the highest level of recognition that the organization, through selection by its Board of Directors, can provide to a most worthy individual whose work on behalf of IAMSE has shown a consistent history of distinguished accomplishments.

Past Award Winners

2022 – Richard Vari, Ph.D., Virginia Tech Carillion Center
2021 –
Nehad ElSawi, Ph.D., Des Moines University
2020 –
Giulia Bonaminio, Ph.D., University of Kansas Medical Center
2019 – Gary Rosenfeld, Ph.D., University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
2018 –
Aviad Haramati, Ph.D., Georgetown University School of Medicine
2014 –
Pat Finnerty, Ph.D., Des Moines University College of Osteopathic Medicine

IAMSE Professional Development Awards

All IAMSE awards are open to ALL active members of IAMSE.

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The Distinguished Career Award for Excellence in Teaching and Educational Scholarship  recognizes an IAMSE member who has a distinguished record of educational scholarship, including educational research and dissemination of scholarly approaches to teaching and education. Candidates should be Professor, Associate Professor, or equivalent rank, or have demonstrated greater than 10 years of educational scholarship. Additionally, candidates must have a significant record of engagement within IAMSE.

The Early Career Award for Excellence in Teaching and Innovation honors an IAMSE member who has made significant innovations to the field in the short time they have focused their careers toward enhancing teaching, learning and assessment. Candidates for this award will be Assistant Professor or equivalent rank, or have demonstrated less than 10 years of educational scholarship.

Past Award Winners

Distinguished Career Award for Excellence in Teaching and Educational Scholarship 

2022 – Kathryn Huggett, Ph.D., University of Vermont Robert Larner, M.D. College of Medicine
2021 –
Alice Fornari, Ed.D., Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell
2020 –
Carol Nichols, Ph.D., Augusta University
2019 –
Neil Osheroff, Ph.D., Vanderbilt University School of Medicine
2018 –
Nicole N. Woods, Ph.D., University of Toronto

Early Career Award for Excellence in Teaching and Innovation

2022 – Jaya Yodh, Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
2021 –
Kimberly Dahlman, Ph.D., Vanderbilt University Medical Center
2020 –
Amber Heck, Ph.D., TCU & UNTHSC School of Medicine
2019 –
Kelly M. Quesnelle, Ph.D., Western Michigan University Homer Stryker M.D. School of Medicine
2018 –
David Harris, Ph.D., University of Central Florida

Master Teacher Award Winners

2017 – Tracy Fulton, Ph.D., University of California San Francisco
2016 –
Bruce W. Newton, Ph.D., Campbell University School of Osteopathic Medicine
2015 – 
John L. Szarek, PhD, CHSE, The Commonwealth Medical College
2014 –
Michael F. Nolan, PhD., P.T., Virginia Tech Carillion School of Medicine
2013 – Robert G. Carroll, PhD., East Carolina University
2012 – Herbert F. Janssen, MEd, Ph.D., Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
2011 – Jay H. Menna, Ph.D., University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
2010 – Thomas Schmidt, Ph.D., University of Iowa
2009 – Uldis Streips, Ph.D., University of Louisville
2008 – Robert Klein, Ph.D., University of Kansas School of Medicine
2007 – Susan Gagliardi, Ph.D., University of Massachusetts Medical School

Master Scholar Award Winners

2017 – William Jeffries, Ph.D., University of Vermont
2016 –
Sandy Cook, Ph.D., Duke-NUS Medical School
– No award winner this year
2014 –
Sheila W. Chauvin, Ph.D, M.Ed., Louisiana State University Health
2013 – No award winner this year
2012 – Giulia Bonamino, Ph.D., University of Kansas School of Medicine
2011 – Paul Haidet, M.D., M.P.H, Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine
2010 – Adi Haramati, Ph.D., Georgetown University
2009 – Thomas Nosek, Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University
2008 – Gary Rosenfeld, Ph.D., University of Texas, Houston Medical School

IAMSE Medical Educator Fellowship

2022 – Melanie Korndorffer, Maria Barnes, Nina Zaveri, Belinda Del Carmen Carrion Chavarria, Brock Mutcheson, Martin Schmidt, & Jickssa Gemechu
2021 –
Judith Aronson & Kathy Pittman
2020 –
Mariluz Henshaw, Sean Herrin, Marije Hogeveen & Youngjin Cho
2019 –
Sateesh Babu Arja, Sireesha Bala Arja, Khalil Eldeeb, Carrie Elzie, Arundathi Jayatilleke, Elizabeth McClain, Mary Steinmann, Praveen Kottath Veetil & Lu Xu
2018 –
Mudra Kumar, Beth Levant, Thejodhar Pulakunta, Ali Alkhawaji, Robin Harvan & Rosa Elena Torres-Panchame 
– Mudra Kumar & Michiel Schokking
2016 – Emine Abali, Saeed Alsareii, Amber Heck, Jinping Li, Michelle Machado, Victoria Lucia, Jessica Jones, Wing Fu, Taher Halawa, & H.M.P. Singh
– No award given this year
– Wayne Wilson & Lynette Fernandes
2013 – Ugochi Ohuabunwa
2012 – Amina Sadik & David Pederson
2011 – David Franklin & Liris Benjamin
2010 – Vaughn Kippers

IAMSE Outstanding Presentation Awards

The Outstanding Presentation Awards recognize the most outstanding medical education peer-reviewed oral and poster presentation at the IAMSE annual meeting. First authors must be IAMSE members in good standing. Using a multi-phased, peer review process and established educational scholarship criteria, finalists are identified from the accepted presentation proposals. Finalist presentations are recognized during the meeting. During the conference, peer-reviewers observe and assess finalists’ presentations, both oral and poster format, based on educational scholarship and effective presentation criteria. The award presentation is announced at the final conference session. The first author/presenter receives a plaque, a one-year IAMSE Membership, and access to the IAMSE WebCast Audio-Seminars. Co-authors are also recognized and receive certificates.

IAMSE Outstanding Poster Presentation Award Winners

2022 – (Faculty) Shaun Andersen
(Student) Jonathan Ruiz
2021 –
(Faculty) Dave Silberman, Rob Carpenter, Jody Takemoto, Leanne Coyne
(Students) Randi Q. Mao, Lucy Lan, Jeffrey Kay, Ryan Lohre, Olufemi R. Ayeni, Danny P. Goel, Darren de SA
2020 –
Courtney Shill Russell, Carson Russell, Bryan Daines, Garrett Clement, Jessica Carlson, Isain Zapata, and Melissa Henderson
2019 –
Mary Steinmann
2018 –
Jasmine Capers
– Sarah McCarthy
– Chris Brasel
 – Alaa Aldalati, Imad Alabdulrazzak, and Haya Azouz

IAMSE Outstanding Oral Presentation Award Winners

2022 – (Faculty) Cathryn Caudill
(Student) Lindsey Claus
– (Faculty) Aniela Mendez and Mildred Lopez
(Student) Stephanie K. Lin
2020 –
Michael Healy
2019 –
Carrie Elzie
2018 –
Becky Gates
– Robert Carroll
– Kristen Zach

IAMSE Outstanding Virtual Poster Presentation Award Winners

2022 – (Faculty) Sarah Muder
(Student) Tse Yean Teo

IAMSE Outstanding Reviewer Award Winners

2022 – Audra Schaefer
2021 –
Amber Heck
2020 –
Michael Bradbury
2019 –
Nagaswami Vasan
– Shaadi Elswaifi
– Richard Vari