Ambassador Information

Appointment of Ambassadors

  • Ambassadors will have a demonstrable interest in medical/healthcare professions education and will be credible ambassadors for IAMSE in their region. Ambassadors will be appointed by the IAMSE Membership Committee, and serve for 3 years, in which the last year is to find a replacement.

Proposal for IAMSE Ambassador Committee Bylaws:

  1. Requirements and Expectations of Members:
    • Ability to attend one-hour monthly meetings as well as time to work on committee projects as needed.
      • Attendance is important and members who miss more than 30% (4 sessions) of the meeting over the course of a year will be asked to step down to allow other members to participate.
    • Members should have an interest in growing the size and diversity of the IAMSE ambassador program, and addressing the needs of the members.
    • Provide a yearly report of accomplishment/challenges for each ambassador.
    • Create or participate in at least two workshops generated in the Ambassador Program, sponsored by IAMSE, within the 3 years appointment in the program.
    • Remain current IAMSE member for the three-year appointment.
    • Ambassador will have one institutional membership or at least 2 additional individual memberships for at least 2 years within the three-year appointment
  2. Ambassador Committee:
    • Members at the Ambassador Program are appointed by the Members of the Membership Committee, in accordance with the IAMSE Administrative Guide, in a manner that ensures inclusion and diversity.
    • The Ambassador Committee may vote to establish special interest groups to better represent the diverse membership of the ambassador program. Ambassadors can provide names from their own Embassy.
    • Some ambassadors will be appointed to be standing members at the membership committee.
    • The required quorum to vote on Ambassador Committee business is 50% +1.
    • Each member will serve a three-year term. In the last year the ambassador will find a substitute that will be participating in the last 5 sessions of the third year to assure proper transition for the next ambassadors.
    • Prior ambassadors can still participate in the program after the term has expired as an ad-hoc task force or volunteer for an additional year, after approval by current ambassadors.
    • When a member rotates off, a minimum of 1 year should pass before rejoining the committee. However, members are encouraged to remain engaged via regional working groups (see below) and/or other IAMSE committees.
    • Any ambassador member can be recommended to be part of regional working groups by the ambassador Chair.
    • Participation in task force or ad-hoc committees has a term of two years with the possibility to apply for a second term.
    • Regional working groups of 6-8 members may be established to hold meetings and also to promote leadership opportunities. Time zone differences should be taken into consideration when creating working groups.
  3. Chair Selection and Duties
    • Chair can recommend names to become the next chair of ambassadors, based on the yearly report and participation and interest of the candidate.
    • The Chair of the Ambassador Committee is recommended by the Membership Committee, which will be appointed by the IAMSE President and approved by the Board in accordance with the IAMSE Administrative Guide.
    • A Chair serves for three years.
    • Chairs will lead most sessions and provide opportunities to other ambassadors to lead the sessions.
    • The Chair will work with IAMSE staff to produce agendas, minutes, and tasks provided from other committees and executive branches.
    • Chairs will attend all IAMSE Chairs meetings or select a representative from the committee to attend in his/her absence.