INTERIM EDITOR: Roger W. Koment, Ph.D., BSEF Director

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We began our explorations into the Educator’s Portfolio with the premise that this document is valuable for several different applications. In our last issue we explored its use for the purposes of promotion and tenure. This time, our contribution delves into the more personal nature of faculty development.

Dr. Raymond Shackelford is Professor of Industry and Technology at Ball State University, and has spent many years traveling to various baccalaureate campuses working with faculty in the development of their personal Educator’s Portfolio. He thus has extensive experience in the one-on-one mentoring which is so important if we are to view this instrument as a means of faculty development. Dr. Shackelford emphasizes that that which is gained by the process of developing the Portfolio may be viewed as a benefit of equal value to that of producing the completed document. As in writing a grant proposal, being forced to articulate what is to be done often crystallizes in our own minds how the project will be accomplished. Whether or not the grant is funded, much has been gained in the process of thinking, organizing, and communicating our thoughts to others. It is this aspect which is addressed by our author, and we thank Dr. Shackelford for demonstrating that developing the Educator’s Portfolio is a very personal journey.