Message from Editor-in-Chief

Uldis N. Streips, Ph.D.


It is a great pleasure for me to welcome you to volume 18-1 of the Journal of the International Association of Medical Science Educators. This is another robust volume featuring 2 short communications, and 4 articles, which all advance the knowledge in the broad field of medical education. They also illustrate how you can easily interact with this journal for publication of your unique findings in medical education and pedagogy. I am also very pleased that this issue initiates the Case Studies in Medical Education. We will present typical case scenarios which illustrate common problems in medical education. This will be an interactive part of the Journal. Once you have read the case, and if you have a solution or an opinion, please submit it to me as a Letter to the Editor. It will be peer-reviewed and, if accepted, will be published in the next supplement to the journal and will be part of your educational publication portfolio.

Also, if you have interest in becoming an active participant in our journal author collegium, come to the IAMSE meeting in Salt Lake City in July and take part in the workshop on publishing or the session on publication at this meeting. If you choose to take advantage of these opportunities, make sure you bring a laptop as well as any ideas you wish to turn into publication or papers you have already initiated and want our editorial board to examine at the meeting. See you in Salt Lake.

Uldis N. Streips, Ph.D.
Editor-in-Chief, JIAMSE

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