Healthy Limb Amputation: Ethical and Legal Issues

I.M. Athanasopoulou

University of Athens


In JIAMSE 19-2S, page 110, the wrong authors are mentioned in that specific abstract. The correct abstract is:

Introduction: The presentation refers to the ethical and legal issues raised by patients who request to have a healthy limb amputated.

Material and Methods: Given all the possible and suggested origins of the desire for a healthy limb amputation, we present all the for- and against- thesis. Based on the most recent bibliography, court convictions, interviews with amputees and ethical parameteres, we attempt to approach the core of the permissibility or the prohibition of the requested surgery.

Results: Both sides-figthers and adherents of a healthy limb amputation support strongly their thesis. It is really important that each case should be examined in the context of uniqueness and thoughtfulness for the patients’ and doctors’ benefit and protection.

Conclusion: Given the ethically problematic history and doubtful effectiveness of such surgeries, surgeons should be very cautious before acceding to these requests. On the other hand, the establishment of a body of medical opinion on a healthy limb amputation is necessary for the patients’ relief.

Published Page Numbers: 1-2