Case Study Instructions

First – THANKS so much for agreeing to write a case for our Medical Education Case Study. This is a valuable contribution to our journal and to our readership, as they think about how to effectively work with situations in their own institutions. All in the effort to improve how we each educate ourselves and others in our medical education responsibilities.

Examples of areas that might be of interest:

    1.Course director interaction with students.
    2.Individual faculty interaction with curriculum office.
    3.Faculty affairs office issues revolving around teaching and tenure/promotion, faculty development, etc.
    4.Use of IT in teaching.
    5.Student affairs issues

Our request of you is:

    1.Write a description of your dilemma or interesting situation that you are interested in how others might respond. This description should end with one or a few questions that you expect responses to address. This should be about 2 pages (single space, Times New Roman, 12 font, 1inch margins on all sides).
    2.If possible give a “catchy” title to the case. If not “catchy”, at least give it a descriptive title. In either case try to keep the title length to about 50 characters or less.
    3.Provide your name, title and institutional affiliation and location. Students and residents – please provide your year of training (i.e. MS 1, PG2, or fellow) as your titles.
    4.Send your document to
    5.Upon review of the case, if modifications are needed, send your revisions within 2 weeks of receipt.

We will ask respondents to

    1.Read the case and give us their “first impression” response to the questions you pose.
    2.Draft a short (3 to 4 paragraph) response to the questions posed or at least one of the questions posed in the case.

Any questions or comments can be sent to

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