Educational Strategies for the Preclinical Sciences


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The BSEF is developing plans to sponsor a unique and unprecedented intercultural experience of learning and sharing educational strategies with our basic science colleagues in Eastern Europe. This event will be co-hosted by two Russian BSEF member schools. Pending grant support, 14 basic science educators from the United States and Canada will be invited to travel to St. Petersburg (all expenses paid) for this 4 day conference. Fourteen Russian basic science counterparts will be selected by our hosts. Together, these 28 individuals will present and debate the merits of both Eastern and Western methodologies for teaching the fundamental medical sciences before — and with — an audience of up to 300 faculty from medical schools throughout the independent nations of the former Soviet Union. Simultaneous translations of all presentations and debates will be in at least three languages (English, Russian, and German). We are scheduling daily “cultural” activities and engaging multilingual interpreters so that all participants may interact informally as they experience the treasures of this “Venice of the North”. Our goal is for all participants to become aware of existing methods for teaching the basic sciences and to experience an interchange of cultural diversity.

Selection of U.S. and Canadian participants likely will be influenced by program content, and all applicants will be evaluated by a Selection Committee. If you would like to be considered as one of our 14 representatives, at this time we ask only that you send a brief note indicating why, and describing your major areas of interest and expertise. Once it is formed, the Selection Committee most likely will request additional information. Send your initial statement of interest to Roger W. Koment, Ph.D., BSEF Director.