Use of Curriculum Mapping Tools to Identify Learning Opportunities and Deficiencies II: Knowledge Map

Presented by Joshua Charles Denny on March 7, 2013 at 12:00 pm

This session will cover use of informatics tools in preclinical and clinical education. KnowledgeMap is a natural language processing (NLP)-based curriculum management system that allows faculty to search uploaded content. We will discuss how curriculum can be tracked and revised based on NLP technology, as well as briefly discuss copyright concerns for the continuously-available curriculum. We will then discuss a clinical portfolio from, among other sources, all the clinical notes written by trainees in the electronic health record. We have used this to facilitate mentor-mentee feedback, to evaluate and track exposures to common clinical problems using NLP, and to send targeted interventions to students. Finally, we will discuss how these systems how allowed us to measure required work-hour changes to residency training.

Presenter Bios

Josh DennyJosh Denny, MD, MS is an assistant professor in the Departments of Biomedical Informatics and Medicine. Dr. Denny has training in internal medicine and medical informatics, both at Vanderbilt. His research foci are medical education, natural language processing, and information extraction and retrieval. As a medical student, he developed the KnowledgeMap concept identification system and a web application to organize the medical curricula, which has been extended to include electronic Portfolios. He has led adaption of KnowledgeMap to create the Portal of Geriatric Online Education (, a freely-accessible geriatric education site with downloadable educational products, videos, virtual patients, and tests. He graduated AOA, received both local teaching awards and innovation awards in medical education, and the Homer Warner and New Investigator awards from American Medical Informatics Association. He maintains a general medicine practice and is active as a teaching attending and a lecturer in biomedical informatics.