Volume 7 Issue 3 
July, 2017

Dear IAMSE Members, 

The Membership Committee is delighted to bring you another issue of IAMSE Connects, your quarterly newsletter that keeps you connected to all aspects of IAMSE. Enjoy!

Congratulations to the award winners from the Burlington meeting! Robert Carroll from Brody School of Medicine won the oral abstract award and Sarah McCarthy from UVM won the poster award.

Dr. Janet E. Lindsley, PhD, Professor and Assistant Dean of Curriculum, Department Biochemistry, School of Medicine, University of Utah was promoted this year to full Professor largely based on educational scholarship. Dr. Lindsley was also invited to present the accomplishments to date of the IAMSE Nutrition Advocates (so far an unofficial working group of IAMSE) at NIH in September as part of the Advancing Nutrition Education, Training and Research in the Medical Community working group meeting (work co-led by Kathy Thompson).

Gary Rosenfeld, PhD, professor of integrative biology and pharmacology and associate dean for educational programs at the McGovern Medical School at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth) has received the 2017 Southern Group on Educational Affairs (SGEA) Career Educator Award. The Career Educator Award is the highest honor given by the SGEA and recognizes an active SGEA participant of ongoing educational leadership with a sustained and compelling record of educational scholarship with strong professionalism values. The SGEA represents the largest region the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) Group on Educational Affairs (GEA).

Prof David W. Sinclair MB ChB, FRCS Ed, Dip Med Ed, FHEA, FAS, FAcadMEd, Professor of Anatomy, Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, Honorary Professor, University of St Andrews was awarded the Bruce Medal from the College. This medal is, from time to time, "Awarded for outstanding contribution to surgical knowlege or teaching". He received the award for service to the College, particularly in relation to his teaching of anatomy to postgraduate surgical trainees. Dr, Sinclair has been associated with The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh since he became a Fellow in 1982 ( Examiner-1989 ; Professor Of Anatomy-2012). He greatly values his IAMSE membership, having first become associated with IAMSE when he was invited to contribute to a plenary session at the 2013 IAMSE meeting in St Andrews, and has attended the meetings in Leiden and Burlington.

Teresa Kilgore from Edward Via COM Carolinas was promoted to Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine.

Kerstin Honer zu Bentrup from Tulane University School of Medicine was the recipient of several Owl club awards ("T2 Professor of the Year”, “T2 Course of the Year”, “T2 Excellence in Teaching Award"); The Owl Club is a student-run organization that evaluates teachers and courses at the Tulane University School of Medicine. She also received the Gloria P. Walsh Award for Teaching Excellence (an award chosen by the medical student body annually), and the "School of Medicine's 2017 Teaching Scholar Award”. The Teaching Scholar Award annually recognizes an outstanding full-time faculty member who has demonstrated a significant record of scholarship and exceptional teaching, along with an ongoing commitment to enhancing the quality of teaching and learning at Tulane University School of Medicine.

Featured Member: Peter de Jong, MSE Editor-in-Chief

This year I will be celebrating my 10th year as a member of IAMSE. I joined the organization in 2007 when I was invited to attend the meeting in Cleveland, OH. It was there that I had the opportunity to meet so many new wonderful people. The association felt like a welcome home where dedicated educators shared their passion about teaching and training young people towards a career as health science professionals. I joined the Board of Directors as Vice-President in 2008, and I worked to strengthen the international perspective of the organization. In 2010, I was entrusted with the position of Editor-in-Chief of the association’s online peer-reviewed journal, Medical Science Educator. I still enjoy working to transform this publication into a professional and respected journal in the international medical education research literature.
Within IAMSE there are many opportunities to learn from others about current best practice in education, to network with colleagues, and to have inspiring discussions at the annual meeting. Whether you are an educator in the basic or clinical health sciences, in medicine, nursing, PA or otherwise, from the US or from elsewhere in the world, I feel we all should be members of IAMSE and participate in this wonderful family of educators!

Welcome to our new members!

David Allbritton
Nicole Allen
Hywda Arafat
David Averill
Amy Baranoski
Deborah Barry
Liris Benjamin
Cynthia Bennett
Shelley Bhattacharya
Andrew Binks
Andrea Bottaro
Anthony Brenneman
Greg Brower
Carolyn Cambor
Frederick Carrick
Michelle Casey
Ioulia Chatzistamou
Hugh Clements-Jewery
Migdalisel Colon-Berlinger
Anya Cope
Liesel Copeland
Brian Cowles
Steven Crooks
Than Daniel
Kimberly Dahlman
Nicholas D'Alberto
Miriam Donohue
Wendy Duncan
Terri Eastman
Jennifer Eastwood
Simiat Elias
Marty Eng
Norman Farr
Ellenkate Finley
Sonya Ford
Kimberly Ford
Jeffery Fritz
Cindy Funk
Jayme Gallegos
Obaje Godwin Sunday
Rebecca Greenblatt
Thomas Griebling
Susan Grieve
Ada Gue
Michael Haight
Gary Hamlin
Terri Hamrick
Craig Hanke
Rebecca Hartley
Robin Harvan
Neil Haycocks
Debra Hazen-Martin
Scott Helf
Wendy Hobson-Rohrer
Janet Holliday
Sean Holryd
Michael Ibiwoye
Uzoma Ikonne
Dhanya Jayasree Raveendran
Geoffreyseshank Jobin
Vasudeva Kamath
Nancy Kheck
Sean Kilgallen
David Klein
Nicholas Kman
Paul Ko
Renee LeClair
Johnny Lippincott
Nicole Love
Pamela Lucchesi
Jonathan Mang
Paul McGuire
Mariah McNamara
Verena Meyer zu Westrup
Arun Mohanram
Mohammed Najjar
Alana Newell
William Ofstad
Isaac Opole
Norma Perez
Chutima Phongphua
Kathy Pittman
Sara Rabie
Hanin Rashid
Chloe Read
Allister Rechea
ReyLynn Reid
Patricia Rose
Anne Rudnicki
Barbara Russell
Charles Sagerstrom
Iris Saltiel
Rainald Schmidt-Kastner
Debbie Schuster
Matthew Seeley
Hernan Seoane
Karla Sepulveda
Yuriy Slyvka
Theo Smith
Judy Spak
Mark Spaller
Elizabeth Spudich
Joy Sturtevant
Sterling Sudweeks
Ying-Ju Sung
Aubrie Swan Sein
Tracy Thompson
Louise Toth
Subramanya Upadhya
Sarah VanderZanden
Aline von Bahten
Lisa Weiss
Joel Wells
Patricia Wetherill
Dee Wu
June Yun
Michael Zawada
Leor Zellner
Ann Zumwalt

From the WAS Committee: Registration is now open for the Fall 2017 Webcast Audio Seminar Series - Evolution and Revolution in Medical Education – Global Challenges and Solutions in Health Professions Education! Sessions begin on Thursday, September 7, 2017. For more information or to register, please click here.

From the Membership Committee: We continue to see more and more IAMSE members joining from around the globe, and overall our member numbers are strong. Encourage colleagues to join by having them visit https://iamse.site-ym.com/general/register_member_type.asp? - Greg Smith, Chair

From CAMSE: The Committee for the Advancement of Medical Science Educators (CAMSE) is a subcommittee of the IAMSE Professional Development Committee. At the Burlington meeting, co-chairs Bonny Dickinson, PhD (Western Michigan University School of Medicine) and Nicole Deming, JD, MA (Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine) presented the initial results of their IAMSE-sponsored survey as a focus session. The survey was developed to assess IAMSE members’ perceptions of their institutional processes for evaluation, recognition, and promotion of medical science educators.

From the Finance Committee: In order for IAMSE to succeed, we need to have stable and appropriate financial resources. Consequently, the Finance Committee has worked hard to establish budgets that provide the necessary funding for the organization. By growing our resources, we have been able to help develop and support initiatives designed to increase student participation in IAMSE, expand the outreach of the organization, and increase funding for educational grants and scholarships for students and young faculty to attend the annual meeting. As we move into the latter part of 2017, we are working on the 2018 budgets for the organization and the annual meeting, and we are looking into investment strategies that will help grow our financial resources. - Neil Osheroff, Chair

From the Publications Committee: The Publications Committee is looking forward to the coming year. We will continue to provide monthly reviews of articles from Medical Science Educator (MSE). We encourage IAMSE members to use these reviews as reminders to access the journal regularly. The success of our newest venture, IAMSE Manuals has prompted an expansion of the project to include an Editor-in-Chief and an Editorial Board for the manuals, which will soon be published by Springer. There is currently a search for the Editor-in-Chief of IAMSE Manuals. Interested IAMSE members are encouraged to apply. http://www.iamse.org/iamse-search-editor-chief-iamse-manuals/ - Dani McBeth, Chair

From the Student Research Committee: The student research committee spent the last year focusing on improving student inclusion at our annual conference, with great success! This year we had two separate oral presentation sessions given by eight students, plus multiple poster presentations covering a wide range of research interests. During a special lunch session with the committee and IAMSE officers, many of the over 50 students attending the conference shared their views and discussed ways to make IAMSE more valuable to them. The committee will be implementing several of these ideas throughout the year, with the goal to further improve student research opportunities and their experience at the 2018 conference in fabulous Las Vegas. - Chris Burns, Chair

2017 Upcoming Meetings:

AMEE – Association for Medical Education in Europe
August 26-30, 2017
Helsinki, Finland

TBLC - Team-Based Learning Collaborative
Regional Workshop
September 30, 2017
Chicago, Illinois, USA

PAEA – Physician Assistant Education Association
October 25-29, 2017
Denver, Colorado, USA

The Generalists in Medical Education
November 3-7, 2017
Boston, Massachusetts, USA

AAMC – Association of American Medical Colleges
November 2-3, 2017
Boston, Massachusetts, USA

PNEG – Professional Nurse Educators Group
November 10-12, 2017
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

NVMO – Netherlands Association of Medical Education
November 16-17, 2017
Egmond aan Zee, The Netherlands

The Professional Development Committee is soliciting proposals to be considered for the 2018 IAMSE slate of Professional Development Pre-Conference (Saturday) workshops. Proposals will be accepted through September, 1, 2017. The committee will review all proposals and select 3-4 full day workshops and 6-8 half day workshops for the meeting. For more information on submitting your Pre-Conference Professional Development Workshop, please visit https://iamse.site-ym.com/page/PCW18.

The call for focus sessions for the 22nd Annual IAMSE Conference to be held at the Green Valley Ranch and Resort, just outside of Las Vegas, from June 9-12, 2018, is now open! The purpose of a 90-minute Focus Session is to “focus in” on a specific topic in small group discussion format. Groups of 10-50 individuals consider a particular topic in an interactive format. Formats can be variable. Proposals will be accepted through September 15, 2017. Additional information about Focus Group formats and submission is available here: https://iamse.site-ym.com/page/Focus18.

The website is beautiful, easy to navigate, and helps you keep connected. Check it out! http://www.iamse.org/ And don’t forget to drop your ideas in the IAMSE Idea Box while you are there!

Looking for a great place to publish your scholarly work? Connect with Medical Science Educator, the Journal of IAMSE at www.medicalscienceeducator.org and on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/MedicalScienceEducator

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