Volume 6 Issue 3 
November, 2016

Dear IAMSE Members, 

The Membership Committee is delighted to bring you another issue of IAMSE Connects, your quarterly newsletter that keeps you connected to all aspects of IAMSE. Enjoy!

Annual meeting: June 10-13, 2017 in Burlington, Vermont.

Abstract submission is open! Deadline: December 15, 2016

We would like to remind you that we are currently accepting poster and oral abstracts for presentation at the 2017 IAMSE conference.

The 21st Annual IAMSE Conference will be held in Burlington, Vermont, US from June 10-13, 2017. The IAMSE meeting offers opportunities for faculty development and networking, bringing together medical science educators from many professional disciplines and spanning the continuum of health care education.

All abstracts for Oral and Poster presentations must be submitted in the format requested through the online abstract submission site.

Please click here to submit your abstract.

Please note: The first time you enter the site, if you have not already done so previously, you will be required to create a user profile.

Submission deadline is December 15, 2016. Authors will be notified with a decision regarding their abstract submission by March 1.

The Membership Committee has been focusing on growing the number of Physician Assistant members.  We have been strengthening the relationship with the Physician Assistant Education Association (PAEA), and recently came to an agreement that PAEA and IAMSE will each host and attend as exhibitors each other’s annual meeting. PAEA and IAMSE have mutually agreed to exchange exhibit booth space at their respective annual meetings at no costs.

Remember to take a few minutes to visit the IAMSE member profile website here so that you can update your personal settings if you didn’t get a chance to already. These updates will allow the membership committee to determine what proportion of our membership are nursing educators, physician assistant educators, chiropractic educators, allopathic and osteopathic educators, alternative medicine educators, optometry educators, etc.

Thanks for your help,

Greg Smith, Chairman, IAMSE Membership Committee
Vice President, IAMSE

The website is beautiful, easy to navigate, and helps you keep connected. Check it out! http://www.iamse.org/ And don’t forget to drop your ideas in the IAMSE Idea Box while you are there!

Looking for a great place to publish your scholarly work? Connect with Medical Science Educator, the Journal of IAMSE at www.medicalscienceeducator.org and on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/MedicalScienceEducator

Jamie S. Padmore, DM and Dr. Adi Haramati are being inducted to the Georgetown University Medical Center Teaching Academy as the inaugural "Distinguished Educators". This is the highest level of designation in their Teaching Academy, and requires one to be a Principal member in three domains.

Jana Simmons was chosen as the recipient of the Teacher Scholar Award by the College of Human Medicine at Michigan State University.  This is an award for junior faculty that recognizes outstanding teaching and scholarship.

The Center for Applications of Psychological Type (CAPT) highlighted an article from John Szarek’s group with Dr. Jeff Holt as the lead author in its annual digest. Holt, J. T., Ghormoz, J., Sung, Y., White, M. W., & Szarek, J. L. (2015). Medical student benefit from learning objectives correlates to specific Myers-Briggs Types. Medical Science Education, 25, 249–254.

Sandy Cook, Ph.D. has been promoted to Professor at the Academic Medicine Education Institute, and is currently serving as the Interim Vice Dean, Education and Interim Co-Director of the Academic Medicine Education Institute. 

Paula Diamante M.D. has recently been promoted to Director of Faculty Affairs at Oceania University of Medicine, Responsible for teaching faculty, and academic advisers in the preclinical years. 

Chris Burns, Associate Professor at Roseman University College of Medicine in Las Vegas NV, has been elected Treasurer of the Team-Based Learning Collaborative.

Dr. Patrick J. Gannon Executive Dean, Chief Academic Officer at International American University is pursuing implementation of the “Conductor Of Interactive Learning” (COIL) program that was that founded at the Harvard-Macy Institute Program for Educators in Health Professions, funded by a President’s Grant of the Josiah Macy Foundation, and published in Medical Science Educator (2016) May, 26:297–305.

IAMSE members Laurel Gorman, Mark Hernandez, Sarah Lerchenfeldt, Jayne Reuben, Rob Rockhold, Mark Simmons and Robert Theobald, working with the ASPET Division for Pharmacology Education and the Association of Medical School Pharmacology Chairs, have authored revisions of the POPS (Patient-Oriented Problem-Solving System in Pharmacology) exercises. Dr. Simmons also served as an Editor of the series. Nine exercises are now available to be downloaded from the ASPET website. The POPS should serve the needs of IAMSE members who teach pharmacology by providing a pharmacology-focused platform for active learning. The authors have made an effort to make the POPS useful for educating students in various health science professions and for interprofessional education.

Welcome to our newest members:

Tahra Almahdi
Sebastian Alston
Elitsa Ananieva-Stoyanova
Jana Baker
Daniel Bird
Bonnie Brenseke
Randell Brown
Lynn Campbell
Michael Carruthers
Archana Chatterjee
Maurice Clifton
Nana Coleman
John Cowsar Jr
Gregory Cramer
Scott Cunningham
Paula Diamante
Brigid Dolan
Elise Everett
Kurt Gilliland
Gabrielle Goldberg
Michael Green
James Grogan
Matt Hardee
Tubonye Clement Harry
Miriam Hoffman
Janice John
G. Michael Johnston
Louise Jones
Rosalyn Jurjus
Yen-Ping Kuo
Viali Lameko
Youn Seon Lim
Stephanie Mann
Elizabeth McClain
Lise McCoy
Julie Meachen
Chris Morgan
Melissa Murfin
Zeinab Nassrallah
Todd Nolan
Marcos Nunez
Sharon Obadia
Thomas Perrault
James Powers
Tim Ridgway
Anastasia Rowland-Seymour
Larry Sands
Elisabeth Schlegel
Hiromi Seo
Janet Sikora Amendola
Jana Simmons
Cayla R. Teal
Matthew Tucker
Lillia Wilson
Randy Wymore
Gloria Yueh

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