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iPAD/Apple TV Pilot Program (What Apple TV brings to Education)

Rod Murray, University of the Sciences

The first years of medical education has been mostly faculty-centered and lecture based. Studies have shown that student engagement is a key to improved learning and comprehension. Technology has finally arrived to free the instructor from behind the podium and engage students in their own learning. Students with mobile devices can now access information and contribute to the class without being tied to a heavy laptop or depend on specially outfitted classrooms. This presentation will demonstrate how iPad and Apple TV can be used in class to facilitate the “flipped” classroom and will describe the results of a pilot program using 100 chemistry and physical therapy students.

We will present how one instructor made effective use of iPads during a pilot program at University of the Sciences. The presenter will use an Apple TV to unleash the iPad and will take a close look at innovative ways the iPad was utilized throughout the pilot.

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